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Totally Guitars Weekly Update May 10, 2024

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Totally Guitars Weekly Update May 10, 2024


May 10, 2024

This week was a bit disrupted as the Hogan family welcomed our first grandson into the fold. Iokepa Anthony Hogan Frausto joined the clan on Monday, May 6 and all are doing really well, other than a bit sleep deprived. The name is Hawaiian for Joseph (both grandfather’s middle names) and he will likely go by Kepa.

On the TG front though – I updated a couple older lessons with a Slo-Mo Play Through of my arrangement of Pat Metheny’s James (which led off today’s Update) and a tab addition to our lesson on Pancho And Lefty. However, another diversion popped up as I got inspired to do some housekeeping with the TG menu system, particularly our ‘Courses/Series’ section. It really seemed unnavigable to me with useful lessons difficult to find. I hope people will take a new look there and explore some of the new links.

And speaking of new, I discovered an old set of clips called ‘Inside The Mind…’, which had a mini-op-ed feel to some thoughts and issues students had brought up over the years. The audio leaves a bit to be desired but I hope you find it interesting.

I want to remind everybody to stay on top of our 30-Minute Challenge, and today wraps up our first week. We have prizes floating around and we will announce our first winner next week.

I ended the video with a continuation of last week’s chord theory discussion, using a few familiar songs that are good projects for transposing.

Back on track with some new lessons soon…



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