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Totally Guitars Weekly News Wrap Up April 27th, 2012

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Totally Guitars Weekly News Wrap Up April 27th, 2012


April 27, 2012

This week marked the third anniversary of our Target Program. We tried
to honor the occasion and thank all our members by doubling, maybe
tripling the normal additions. We had new lessons on Piano Man by
Billy Joel, Cowgirl In The Sand By Neil Young, and Something In The
Way She Moves by James Taylor. We also added chord solo breakdowns to
a couple of our original set- Wish You Were Here and Madman Across The

There were five new Student Reviews including songs by Neil Young,
John Lennon, Peter Gabriel, and Lobo’s memorable Me And You And A Dog
Named Boo!

Jack van Breen checked in with a couple of vintage Gretsch guitars,
the Country Gentleman and the Duo-Jet. He also gave us info on early
lap steel guitars with a segment on my Kona Hawaiian guitar and a
Fender Resonator, as well as a piece on fingerpicks and slides.

We also introduced the newest member of our TG family, Steve Rose,
with a new blog called The Listening Post. This week Steve took us for
a trip down memory lane to the early days of Peter Green and his band
Fleetwood Mac. We hope to hear from Steve regularly now.

On Thursday we posted a video I made about the early days here at TG,
going a bit into the history with how Matt and I came together and
acted on his hair-brained idea to create an instructional site. We
certainly did not imagine it would turn into the community and
destination it has become for so many musicians. Thanks to all,
whether you have been here since Day 1 or just found us recently.

Next week- back to life as usual, or as usual as it gets around here.

Stay Tuned & In Touch,



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