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Totally Guitars Weekly News March 18, 2011

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Totally Guitars Weekly News March 18, 2011


Thanks to everybody who got involved with our auction for MattB. We are making a dent in his bills because of so many people’s participation. We still have a few more big items available for a short time, including the Taylor 414ce, two 30-minute private lessons with Neil over Skype, a set of 4 of his CDs autographed personally to the highest bidder, the right to pick any song to be added to the Target Program, and of course, the Lifetime Target Membership.

We had a couple of new additions to our Luthier’s Corner section with Keith Holland talking about Buzz Feiten and the system he developed to improve the intonation problems many guitars have. The second episode goes into locking nut and bridge systems used on electric guitars.

We had a set of Student Reviews by Neil including a couple of songs not in our Target Program; In Your Atmosphere by John Mayer and arrangement of a hymn, Doxology, as well as comments on other uploads featuring the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, and a little Country Blues.

The Target additions this week focused on songs that have leads that might be fun to learn or melodies not played by the guitar in the original recording. We did Walk Don’t Run with both rhythm and lead parts, Year Of The Cat with leads that were originally done by a cello, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, then sax, Take On me with the keyboard lick arranged for guitar, and an acoustic version of Stray Cat Strut which covered all the leads as well. We also had a Fly On The Wall video with Neil and his student Fred working on Walk Don’t Run.

Next week: something that has been on the top 30 list for a long time, as well as a couple of classics from the 70s.

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