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Totally Guitars News Weekly Wrap Up Jan 28, 2011

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Totally Guitars News Weekly Wrap Up Jan 28, 2011


This week we released 4 Progressive Rock tunes- River Of Life by PFM, In The Land Of Grey And Pink by Caravan, Epitaph by King Crimson, and Never Let Go by Camel. This will be followed by Prog-Rock Sampler Volume 1 with the addition of Ocean Gypsy by Renaissance and a bonus tune- Hocus Pocus by Focus. We also had a few Student Reviews of classic rock uploads and a Fly On The Wall Lesson featuring Neil and his student Sandy going over some music theory concepts.

We also want to thank our long time member Jim56 for bringing a competition to our attention. Acoustic Guitar Magazine is asking its subscribers to vote for their favorite musical stuff, including a category for Online Guitar Resource. We hope everybody can check it out and vote for as many categories as are applicable to their world.

Next week- 90s songs!

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