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Totally Guiars Weekly News Update April 8, 2011

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Totally Guiars Weekly News Update April 8, 2011


It was really a Beatles week around here at TotallyGuitars. Not just because we put out a set of lessons by George Harrison, but we had a couple of student videos for review that were on some of Neil’s arrangements from his album A Beatles Collection. If you are not familiar with it I really encourage you to check out the songs. You can hear samples of the songs at the TG Audio Store and get the tab as well.

The Target songs we released were from George Harrison’s solo years- Beware Of Darkness, Give Me Love, All Those Years Ago, and Between the Devil And the Deep Blue Sea, which included a short ukulele lesson as well.

We also released two 10-Packs of songs this week for those who prefer their lessons a la carte. The first was a set of songs by David Crosby, Steve Stills and Graham Nash that were all part of their early years together. Most of them from 1970 with the addition of Southern Cross from a few years later.

The second pack features a wide range of songs from the 70s as well, each one by a different artist. If you are a fan of the Golden Age of Classic Rock you should definitely check it out!

Another thing we have added for everybody is a new channel at YouTube where we keep many of our Free Lessons. It is the TGFreeLessons channel there. There might be times when we add new lessons there first, you never know.

Next week- a virtual smorgasbord of unrelated lessons just to keep you on your toes. Be sure to check in everyday!


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