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TG Weekly Wrap Up June 22, 2012

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TG Weekly Wrap Up June 22, 2012


Totally Guitars Podcast:


This week we added some of my personal favorites to the Target Program. We started the week with another entry in our David Bowie catalog, Ziggy Stardust. Like many of his songs, it opens with a very dramatic and memorable introduction.

That was followed by what many might consider a cult classic, Nature’s Way by Spirit. This great band may be long forgotten by some and completely unknown by others but their influence can be found in bands as high-profile as Led Zeppelin. Their guitarist, Randy California started his career with Jimi Hendrix and was invited to head to England with the Experience. He couldn’t go, his parents said he had to stay in school.

One of our most requested songs found its way into the program as we started a series that will come out a bit at a time on Mood For A Day, the quasi-classical piece by Steve Howe of Yes. The song first appeared on their 1972 album Fragile and has been a favorite of fans and guitar players since. This week we start with just the first seven measures as there are very important techniques that must become comfortable before the song can ever take shape.

The Student Review section is active again and this week I looked at an upload by Webostick playing Michelle, by The Beatles. There are some suggestions in the review on incorporating melody notes into the accompaniment, basically extending the chord solo that Wally started.

Our Fly On The Wall lesson was a look at a very familiar song by The Mamas And Papas, Creeque Alley. If the name does not ring a bell I’m sure most of you will recognize the catchy phrases and melody lines.

The Listening Post presented Steve Rose’s look at Steppenwolf. They really were a cutting edge band in the late 1960s and I hope everybody gets a chance to see Steve’s look at them and thinks about picking up some of their albums.

Next week- A lesson on a song yet to be released on an album. As a matter of fact it is scheduled for the band’s second album, due in September 2012. It is a very popular tune on YouTube already. Any guesses?

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