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TG Acoustic Guitar Lessons News


This week we released a couple of 10-Packs; one with songs by George Harrison, all post-Beatles, and the other featuring Psychedelic Songs of the 60s. Many of these were released to our Target Members recently but now they are available on the Pay Per Lesson side for our visitors who prefer their lessons in this a-la-carte style.

Our Target releases this week included Eight Miles High by the Byrds, Birthday by the Beatles, and Jethro Tull’s We Used To Know and Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of A New Day, another intricate song by virtuoso guitarist Ian Anderson. We also had another entry in our Fly On The Wall series where Neil and his student Ed talk about and compare modes.

We reintroduced something we had done in the past but not so much recently, Complete Free Lessons and Campfire Lessons. The Free lessons were Baby Beluga by Raffi, Mrs. Robinson by Simon & Garfunkel, Feelin’ Alright by Traffic, and a slightly simplified version of Birthday. The Birthday lesson is how Neil usually teaches it to beginning students, as opposed to the Target lesson which includes most of the lead parts.

Jack van Breen brought us a couple of interesting videos; one showing how he changes strings, specifically on a Martin HD-28V, and another on his beloved Yamaha FG-180, purchased new in 1969 for $100.

You probably already know that we are constantly working on improving the site and this week we reorganized the main left side menu to make it easier to get to various areas here at TG. We also improved the Recommend A Lesson section with the addition of easy sorting choices to see what has become a lesson, what’s not become a lesson yet, most votes, etc. Check it out when you can.

Next week- a few more Free and Campfire songs and the usual eclectic mix of Target Lessons.

Stay Tuned & In Touch,


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