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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up March 16th, 2018

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up March 16th, 2018


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Today’s update started and ended with works in progress here at TG Central. The first was a stab at the intro to a Gentle Giant piece called Experience, and the last was a tribute to Pete Huttlinger, his arrangement of Josie by Steely Dan.

There may have been a little Leo Kottke at the end as well. In between there was a very brief rundown of the week’s newest lessons, including Oye Como Va by Santana, Jackson Browne’s Something Fine, and a FOTW with Sandy doing a great job on Bermuda Triangle Exit.

I hope everybody has spent a little time listening to our friend Dave Nachmanoff. He is working on a new album and offering some great perks for people chipping in to a Kickstarter campaign. We are really fortunate that Dave has joined the IGC family and looking forward to this year’s camp at Asilomar in August.

We also are working on sprucing up the weekly Newsletters and are looking for suggestions or requests on things you might like to see included in those. We will try to get a separate thread going on that soon.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!


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