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A Visit To Rick Turner’s Shop Part V

Rick Turner

A Visit To Rick Turner’s Shop Part V


Rick Turner has built many guitars for famous musicians. He shows the third model one guitar that he designed for Lindsey Buckingham best known for Fleetwood Mac. This guitar is owned by Lindsay and has suffered through 31 years of road wear. The guitar is back for Rick to restore it and give it another 30 years on the road. Fleetwood Mac was recording “Rumours” at the Record Plant in Sausalito and John McVie, who played an Alembic Bass designed by brick, invited Rick to the studio to do some setup on his bass and meet Lindsay and the rest of the band. John bought two more Alembic bases including one with the firs t carbon fiber neck. Lindsey was playing Gibson Les Pauls, Fender Strats and Ovations on stage and a Martin D18 in the studio. Rick built a preamp into his Strat which gave him lots of gain into his Hi Watt Amp. Rick got to know Lindsay’s likes and dislikes and set out to design a guitar that would have the warmth and sustain of a Les Paul and the clarity of a Fender Stratocaster.


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