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Matt Answers A Question from a TG Member


Matt Answers A Question from a TG Member


Neil: I wanna read you a question that came in which is actually what inspired me to call you a few days

MattB: Excellent

Neil: And so you can, and again one of the things I told you when we talked a few days ago was that
you know unfortunately you sort of fallen off my radar with everything I’ve been wrapped up in dealing.
Until this question came in Matt, my heart on Matt somebody getting and learning to play a guitar and
that he can’t see and again it’s like fireworks went off you know and said I don’t need to answer that
question I can get that answer from a resource that a little more first one experienced with that

MattB: (laughing)

Neil: So, we got this question into support from somebody who I think has been on that side already;
Hi! Neil I lost my sight when 3 years ago and began playing the guitar to maintain my sanity. I’m fairly
familiar with first, second and root 5 chords, I haven’t bring in question we’re it’s on their but probably
we’ll come position towards

MattB: Yeah

Neil: I have a burning desire to become a solo finger style guitarist and that’s the problem. I find
thousands of good arrangements I can download its tabs but I can’t see them. I’ve watched a couple of
your free lessons and you’re doing a great job explaining, so I can follow easily, you don’t have might
attain my goal another site blah… has great arrangements and I can’t benefit from them co’z I can’t see
the tabs eventually I hope my playing becomes good enough for me to do my own arranging of aviating?
Need for tabs. A well known guitarist from Orlando Tommy Dalton…have you heard him?

MattB: The name is familiar but I don’t know why

Neil: Was giving me telephone lessons and he wouldn’t accept payments and I think he lost interest. I’m
very serious of finger style, but kind of frustrating not to find instruction on an audio, so I can benefit. I
found your site on YouTube and checked it out. You think it would push me towards my goal any advise
is most appreciated.

MattB: Oh Yeah! Iearn it sounds like you’re doing exactly what he needs

Neil: I think so, and I guess I wanted to do is get back to him and let him know that, I think a lot of my
lesson are fairly we’re explaining pretty well even if you can’t see the tab. But I make it a point to and
maybe we’ll have you on some of these and in you’re explanations of your lessons. You’re more specific
of where you are on the net because it’s really fresh in your head of what you’re doing.

MattB: I always do that anyway I never really say here, here and there, there

Neil: Oh yeah

MattB: Of pointing so much, but I think one of the key things for him to do is once you’ve learn a few
of your things that start, don’t bite out more than you can chew it at once you know, that’s the biggest
thing in their. Because I don’t think you’re gonna be…

Neil: Playing the entertainer

MattB: Yeah don’t choose maple leaf flag before you play something really, really simple

Neil: Yeah great point earlier today we were talking about Barre and you said you know I remember
learning at least the first part of it. You weren’t sure remembered the second part and I think a lot
of times people slow down things once they know they can do them and figured ok I’m get back to
it another time, but you work tired enough on the first part to pretty much master it. You maybe did
on the second part at one point but even now even after we we’re talking you kind of work the way
through it by ear, co’z you know how you know, you know enough how it sounded and stuff so…

MattB: Right


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