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Song Writers and Guitar Players

Tommy Emmanuel

Song Writers and Guitar Players


(Strumming the guitar)
Neil: Yeah beautiful
Tommy: Bill his one of the big easy… Billie Joe…
Neil: Yeah his song
Tommy: His song was incredible
Neil: Yeah!
Tommy: You know I was teaching the workshop the other day and people were asking me; which guitar players you listen to? And I said I hardly listen to any guitar players I’m more interested in people who’s music moves the world you know, that’s what I wanna follow. I’m not interested in group of young people who are playing in that kind and trying to impress there neighbors…
Matt: Right
Tommy: I’m interested in moving the world that’s what I’m interested in and I know I can do it if I get it right you know co’z he done it Billie Joe, or Stevie Wonder those guys what they write songs, their song speaks to their soul and their heart so deeply and that’s were I’m interested in. If I wanna listen to a guitar player that really fires me up I always put on Django. Django is the one, no one can top him nobody you know Django does it for me everytime
Matt: Is there a modern music that captures you?
Tommy: Oh I love Joe Satriani’s music
Matt: Right
Tommy: Absolutely John Mayer’s music at least everybody really
Matt: Right
Tommy: But I don’t listen to things that don’t move me if I listen to it and it does nothing to me I just switch it off immediately
Matt: Right
Tommy: Co’z I don’t wanna waste my time
Matt: Do you ever write song to other people?
Tommy: Yes! absolutely I written songs to Olivia Newton-John, Shiela Easton, Doug Neidt’s record one of my songs and I’m constantly try to write songs that maybe other people might be interested in…that’s why my song a s a guitar player is different because I’m not thinking like a guitar player I’m thinking what a good song for a singer and he got to be able to sing those melodies you know…
Matt: Right
Tommy: (Strumming the guitar)….dada…. dadaaa…. I wrote that in 1994 and it that’s purposely like a song you would sing
Neil: Yeah if you would sometimes on the guitar, you’ll have a range that is 3 1/2 octaves of your melody you know. You didn’t just write a vocal song, you wrote it with symphony
Tommy: Yeah…
Neil: (laughing) it’s kind of…

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