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Promoters, Muriel and PBS

Tommy Emmanuel

Promoters, Muriel and PBS


Tommy: The life of a promoter has booked and looks like it might be to support to give that local guy a platform. To put some exposure in front of the big crowd and that’s what people do to me and I always remember all the things; things that people have been helping me out and try the same thing and just handed on you know
Matt: That’s what we wanna do
Tommy: That would be fine, but what I’m saying is that general rule of thumb is that people pay to come and see me and they want a decent amount of time. I can’t be cutting and cutting it to don’t hurt the people. I have to say it’s a show, so I have to put as my priority’ but I can give a chance to give those people the best I can and yet the other person can still gotta go you know
Matt: Well that Muriel would be an example of somebody
Tommy: Well Muriel would do 40 minutes, if Muriel was on my bill I would insist to do at least 40 minutes co’z she’s great and I love her and she deserves it you know. Muriel doesn’t need my help, Muriel stands on her own two feet and she’s strong and she’s great. But when she was put on the bill with me well always get it go longer because she’s got a lot of good things to play
Matt: Right!
Tommy: And then get her up to play in my set as well
Matt: That would be nice, so we’re gonna figure this out in the next couple of months and more?
Tommy: Yeah just…
Matt: Co’z you’ve got a massive audience that we can tap and get in to these things…
Tommy: I don’t know with other PBS special has been shown in this San Jose, did you say San Jose?
Matt: Yeah
Tommy: I don’t know it has been shown in that area
Neil: Music saves those things for Public works even if they show again?
Tommy: We’ve been showing 3 times in Sacramento and see the thing I’m doing today for PBS is to play a private concert to a people who have pays for a lot of money
Neil: Ah…
Tommy: It’s our way of getting back to them

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