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Muriel Anderson Workshop 2015 – Gretchen Menn

Visits With Muriel

Muriel Anderson Workshop 2015 – Gretchen Menn


Muriel Anderson did at Keith Holland Guitars on August 15, 2015, one of the attendees, Gretchen Menn was practicing Leo Brouwer’s Etude #6 and Muriel sat down to listen, then offer some advice on improving it. Muriel had some suggestions that Gretchen implemented immediately. The video crew was a little late to the party but captured the end of Gretchen’s piece along with all of Muriel’s input. Gretchen is well known in many rock and metal circles, particularly as part of the band Zepparella. Be sure to check her website gretchenmenn.com. Muriel’s entire 2015 Workshop is available as part of the Target Program at TotallyGuitars.com. ]]>


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