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Muriel Anderson at TG Central with Neil Hogan 2018 – Part 1

Visits With Muriel

Muriel Anderson at TG Central with Neil Hogan 2018 – Part 1


Acoustic Snapshot – Muriel Anderson at TG Central (in 3 Parts): At the start of 2018 Muriel Anderson was on her annual California and West Coast tour and spent a couple days with us in Los Gatos. Before she left on Saturday the 13th, we sat down in the studio to chat and jam a bit.
In Part 1 we talk about her latest project, Eclipse. She tells the story of flying back home to Nashville to catch the rare event, where she enjoyed it with a big group on the lawn of the Capitol Building. Requests came in for celestial inspired songs while Bryan Allen shot some photographs.
Afterwards they decided to turn it into a full CD of solos (mostly) played on her 20-string harp guitar, basically a short scale classical guitar tuned a whole step high with 7 sub-bass and 7 super-treble strings.
Amidst the chatter we play a couple songs, Van Morrison’s Moondance and Muriel’s original Night Lights.

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