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Mandolin Improvisation In D

Mike Mullins

Mandolin Improvisation In D


Here’s a little improve in the key of D I’m gonna try and see if I can pull something together here and it’s kind of like practicing scale with more fun. We kind of take the key in just a sort of fool around with it you know invert the notes and to come up with something that resembles tune and maybe retain something…for later the rest of it and the rest of it just goes off in the behavior. Here we go this is gonna be something with D.
(Strumming the guitar)
Well will see if there are any ideas in their I’m almost afraid to look at that one though (laughing) see you next time.



  1. Marc Lavallee November 27, 2010

    Mike , it is always a pleasure to watch you play.

  2. Jeff Russell December 3, 2010

    I love it! Brilliant! I feel like I have molasses fingers, and am inspired to see what is possible. :p
    I just joined TG a couple of weeks ago, and am happy to see the mandolin segments. Please keep them coming!


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