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Dave Nachmanoff House Concert Part 1 – Port Angeles

Dave Nachmanoff

Dave Nachmanoff House Concert Part 1 – Port Angeles


Totally Guitars
In early March of this year our long time TG member and general musical activist Lynn hosted a house concert at her home in Virginia. Dave Nachmanoff, now officially part of the TG family, was her featured guest. Dave is an incredibly talented musician from Northern California who has been performing and writing songs since he was a child. For the last ten years or so he has also been traveling as Al Stewart’s right hand man, essentially Al’s band.
About fifty people were treated to an evening of Dave’s musical magic and we are thrilled that some of it was captured on video. These clips include stories about the songs and give us a glimpse of how fun and entertaining house concerts can be.
The series kicks off with Dave’s instrumental Port Angeles and his piano take on Romeo And Juliet, originally by Mark Knopfler and done on the Dire Straits album Making Movies.
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