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Do You Love Me Guitar Lesson

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Do You Love Me Guitar Lesson


Guster has been putting out some catchy tunes over the last decade, most of which could be considered Campfire Songs and feature acoustic guitars using simple strumming patterns. Their 2010 album Easy Wonderful included *Do You Love Me*, a great example of their up beat pop sound. This lesson is done in a ‘Work It Out’ format, where the first few video segments focus on ear training and figuring out the chord progression yourself. If you decide to try this approach, I recommend not looking at the chart until you have gone through ear training segments. The entire song is taught completely and in the usual manner in the last segment.


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1 Comment

  1. kirk February 16, 2011

    very good, thought the f chord was a g chord other then that i got the rest of the song right. thanks


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