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Want to learn, but not sure where to start?

We’re here to help you learn, whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate who has been playing for a few years, or even a lifetime player who might be quite advanced. Learning to play guitar with us will help make a big difference in your ability to learn and have more fun, more speed, and how to get past some of the things that have been holding you back. Here are three reasons to join Totally Guitars...

Access thousands of song lessons

With one of our paid membership programs, you get unlimited access to our continuously growing library of comprehensive, easy to follow guitar lessons, plus tips and techniques that’ll give you the RESULTS you’ve been searching for. Or you can go A’ la carte and select one lesson or a package of songs or theory to get you started, it is all here.

We can create a learning pathway to suit your specific needs

A significant feature we have had since the beginning is Student Reviews. Students upload a video of a work in progress and get expert guidance from the faculty with a video review, it’s like having a teacher with you, but on the song or issue you like. Our pathways program with the KOA club is a flexible teaching plan with a monthly Webinar where each student gets individual direction from the staff.

Our Instructors have created proven teaching techniques that work fast

We’ve put together a team, led by renowned guitarist and master instructor Neil Hogan, of nothing but the most passionate, talented and just plain brilliant teachers on the planet. You’re learning from the best in the industry with proprietary teaching techniques.

More reasons to join

  • Complete coverage of theory, techniques, and styles
  • Video reviews & customized programs
  • Tab, Chord Charts, and Guitar Pro Files
  • Acoustic & electric guitar PLUS vocals & keyboards
  • Priority support

Meet your World-class Instructors

Max Rich

Born in Vienna, Max picked up the guitar for the first time at the age of 12 and has never looked back. He has always had a passion for teaching, and instructing all players of every level on how to maximize their potential.

Nesh Bot

Nesh Bot has played and performed for over 40 years and help her guitar, bass, piano and the drums students from all over the world achieve their musical goals for more than 20 years.

Jim Bruno

Jim is a well-known vocal instructor, music innovator, performer, the founder of Showcase Music Institute in San Jose, California. Jim joined us a few years ago with the launch of TotallyVocals.com

What our students are saying...

"The Totally Guitars Instructors take pride in you getting better. They want you to get better. I've recommended Totally Guitars to a lot of my friends."

Robb, Member since 2009

"Not only have I learnt a lot in terms of guitar, but I've also picked up the ukulele, started playing base and I've even started writing songs."

Michele, Member since 2009

"Neil Hogan is an incredible teacher. He teaches you techniques that you can apply to other songs and it's not limiting you to that one particular song."

Bob, Member since 2009

"Because of the way they break down the songs, I've learnt much better skills, much better techniques and I am a much more confident guitar player."

Lynn, Member since 2012

"I was attracted to Totally Guitars because of the huge amount of lessons. I'm from that generation of Neil Young, the Beatles and more – they're all there!"

Rob, Member since 2009

"I can honestly say, this was one of the best decisions I made. I started seeing results straight away. It will jump start your enjoyment with learning guitar."

Jeff, Member since 2009


We have four levels of membership available, whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate who has been playing for a few years or even a lifetime player who might be quite advanced.

SILVER Membership


Over 1500 Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Access to the entire acoustic song library, with new ones added weekly

Student Review Portal

Student Review Portal

Student Review Portal to upload videos to be reviewed (one review a month per student)


Music Theory & Technique Lessons

Access to our comprehensive library of lessons on theory & techniques, with 100s of tips in many styles


Tab, Chord Charts & Guitar Pro Files

Downloadable files are included with most lessons, ready to print

Fly On The Wall Lessons

Fly On The Wall Lessons

Over 350 live lessons shot with Neil’s students working on some of your favorite songs

GOLD Membership

Everything in Silver Membership PLUS


Over 350 Electric Guitar Lessons

This is in addition to over 1500 acoustic lessons available in Silver. Learn the riffs and licks of great electric guitar masterpieces, taught by touring and session guitarist Max Rich


Two Student Reviews per month

Submit yourself playing, explain your issue or problem, have a faculty member review and respond with a video tutorial personalised just for your playing.

PLATINUM Membership

Everything in Silver & Gold Membership PLUS


Vocal Lessons

All the technique and theory lessons you need to become a better singer, as well as how to sing some of your favorite songs. These are all taught by master vocal instructor Jim Bruno, with over 50 years of professional experience, many awards, and many internationally known artists who credit him with part of their success


Keyboard Lessons

A comprehensive library of songs and theory lessons to add another dimension to your keyboard playing. There are lessons for beginners as well as advanced players

KOA CLUB Membership

Everything in Silver & Gold & PlatinumMembership PLUS


Live Monthly Webinar

Once a month a group webinar exclusively for KOA members to work with faculty teachers on the individual interests. It can be on anything from songwriting to specific lessons or theory/technique questions. Think of it as a mini live camp with your fellow KOA members and Neil once a month. All sessions are recorded and accessible anytime if you miss one.


More Personal Guitar Reviews

Up to 4 personalized video responses on your playing a month. This is the equivalent of having 4 lessons a month one on one with a teacher.


Access To Past IGC Recordings

Exclusive to KOA: Access to every recording from each International Guitar Camp we have run over the years, as well future future camp videos. This collection of content is 100’s of hours of teaching, workshops, and performances from all the teachers that come to camp each year. If you can’t make a camp, then this is the next best thing. If you have been to a camp, then you get to remember and relive.


Recommend A Lesson Priority

Ever wish you could get that random song made into a lesson? This is your chance. KOA members have priority choice in requesting a lesson. This is a great chance to have something obscure or even mainstream made into a full lesson with all the lesson notes and music that you need.


Private KOA Member Forum

Exclusive to KOA members only - Access to a section of the forum to ask questions of faculty with a guaranteed response.


Neil Hogans Albums & Sheet Music

All KOA members receive all of Neil’s albums, as well as sheet music to many of the pieces. There are even some secret stashes never released in digital form. Be sure to ask what is available when you join.


Learn to play ALL your favorite guitar songs &
Sound Just Like The Original


  • Over 100 Free Song Lessons
  • Totally Guitars Forum access to interact with the Community
  • Over 300 Artist, Theory & Technique packs available at big discounts
  • 100s of tips on techniques and music theory


Sign up


    • Over 1500 Acoustic Song Lessons – growing weekly
    • Student Review Portal Access
    • Over 350 Fly On The Wall Lessons
    • Lessons on theory, techniques, tips & styles – 100s of hours

    $19.97/ month

    • Acoustic guitar lesson library access - every song and all new lessons
    • Acoustic lessons on theory, techniques, tips and styles and all new lessons
    • Tab, Chart, and Guitar Pro Files
    • Student review portal access
    • 1 Personal guitar playing review (with guaranteed reply for faculty)


    • Over 1500 Acoustic and 350 Electric Lessons
    • Everything in Silver Plus Up to two Student Reviews a month
    • All electric lessons

    $24.99/ month


    Everything in SILVER

    • 2 Personal guitar playing reviews (with guaranteed reply for faculty)
    • Electric guitar lesson library unlimited access to every lesson and all new lessons added

    For the serious student

    Koa Club

    • Access to 1000+ Acoustic Guitar Lessons – growing weekly
    • Acoustic Lessons on theory techniques, tips & styles – Almost 100

    $44.97/ month


    Everything in PLATINUM

    • 4 reviews/month
    • LIVE video webinar lesson monthly
    • Private Koa member forum
    • Past IGC recordings access - Every camp and all new camp content

    Unlock full access to Totally Guitars

    Join Totally Guitars and access:

    • Over 2000 complete song lessons, more than 10,000 videos
    • 100’s of complete lessons on theory, techniques, tips & styles
    • Get Tabs, Chords, Lyrics, and Guitar Pro Files
    • Video reviews
    • Priority Support

    Flexible plans that grow with you.



    Our lowest priced and fully featured membership program.



    With Gold access you have access to all acoustic and electric lessons.



    Our most popular membership level, access to all guitar lessons plus vocals and keyboards.


    Koa Club

    Our most integrated and comprehensive program. Best for those who have decided to go all in and learn everything they can, as efficiently as possible.