Alice In Chains 6-Pack

Alice In Chains 6-Pack

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Alice In Chains came into the music scene in the 1990s, along with contemporaries from the Seattle area, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Nirvana. They had a unique sound that separated them from the rest and students who are fans of theirs will enjoy playing these acoustic versions of their tunes. Most of the lessons were done by our talented instructor Max Rich, who is a great talent at simplifying and condensing complex things and making them easily accessible to all guitar students. The pack includes lessons on Angry Chair, Down In A Hole, Nutshell, Rooster, and Would.


  • Lesson 1: Would - Alice in Chains - Guitar Lesson

    This hard-driving Alice In Chains song has its foundation in simplicity. From the Unplugged album, the crux of this tune lies in the thundering bass line with acoustic guitar sprinkled over the top.

    Simple but catchy riffs make this a guitar fan’s dream, as it is very easy to learn. The solo however may challenge you a bit because of the melodic, yet blues-based licks that made guitarist Jerry Cantrell’s signature sound so prominent.

  • Lesson 2: Rooster - Alice in Chains - Guitar Lesson

    Alice in Chains helped define the grunge sound of the 90s, and this song basically sums it all up.

    From the Unplugged album, this acoustic version is very similar to the original electric release, but due to the acoustic guitar it has a bit more of a melodic and less technical guitar solo.

    With just a few chord progressions and some simple riffs you can soon have this iconic rock song under your fingers!

  • Lesson 3: Nutshell - Alice In Chains - Guitar Lesson

    Nutshell is probably Alice In Chains best known song, and was released in 1994 on their album Jar Of Flies. It is a very basic progression and very similar to many other songs that came out of the 1990s grunge genre. It does have an unusual rhythmic structure which can be a bit tricky to count.

    The original and most live performances are tunes down a half step but this lesson is done at standard pitch and includes a metronome segment to play along with. There is also a short segment looking at the melodic lead lines that happen between verses.

  • Lesson 4: Down in a Hole by Alice In Chains - Guitar Lesson

    Alice In Chains is one of the great grunge bands of the 90s, and their Unplugged album proves that you don’t need electric guitars to really rock the house down.

    This lesson is based off the acoustic version of this epic AIC song, and will bring you all the licks and riffs that you’ll need to master this tune.

  • Lesson 5: Angry Chair - Acoustic Guitar Lesson

    Alice In Chains were one of the great Grunge bands of the 90s, and naturally had quite a few hits to their name; this tune is no exception.

    Fairly simple to play, but easy to rock out on, this lesson is great not just for AIC fans, but also for anyone getting started on the instrument or players who want to work on techniques like bar chords and bending.

  • Lesson 6: Man In The Box

    Description coming soon