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Allman Brothers Package

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The Allman Brothers are one of the most popular and talented bands to come out of the states in the early 1970s. Formed around brothers Duane and Gregg they were pioneers in the dual lead guitar sound. Many of their pieces are well-crafted instrumentals and others are complex blues-based tunes. This set of songs includes Duane's duet with Dicky Betts, Little Martha, Dicky's classic Blue Sky, Gregg's early acoustic songs Melissa and Midnight Rider, as well as their iconic rendition of Stormy Monday Blues, a twelve-bar classic with some jazzy substitutions.


  • Lesson 1: Blue Sky - The Allman Brothers - Guitar Lesson

    From The Allman Brothers 1972 album Eat A Peach, Dickey Betts’ tune Blue Sky is one of the last things Duane Allman played on before his death in a motorcycle accident.

    The simple, country-like song features great solos from both lead guitarists. This lesson goes over the rhythm guitar part, as well as the opening lead and endings to each verse.

    These are slightly modified for acoustic guitar and feature double stops, playing pairs of notes that were originally done individually.

    Tab to the extended leads is included but not addressed in the lesson, although there are segments reviewing Pentatonic Scales and thoughts on soloing.

  • Lesson 2: Little Martha

    This instrumental was written by Duane Allman and originally played as a duet with fellow Allman Brother Dickie Betts. This arrangement in Open D Tuning combines the two parts with a steady bass line into a solo piece.

  • Lesson 3: Melissa

    I had planned on whipping out a TARGET Short for this great song by Gregg Allman, but as I got into it, it got a little more detailed than I had planned. It turned into a full TARGET lesson with all the usual segments and a few bonus ones. Thanks to everybody's support regarding the Sing-A-Long segments, there is one here. I also decided to use the song as an intro to improvising a lead over a simple chord progression. There is a segment talking about pentatonic scales, as well as a Jam-A-Long. There also are a few charts on scales.

  • Lesson 4: Midnight Rider

    Midnight Rider is an acoustic classic by Gregg Allman and Robert Payne, first released on The Allman Brothers second album Idlewild South in 1970. It has become one of their most popular, and most covered tunes. This lesson looks at the intro, main riff accompaniment, chord progression, an acoustic adaptation of the solo, a way of working it out in an altered tuning (Double Dropped D), and a bit of the variations Gregg Allman added on his solo release Laid Back.

  • Lesson 5: Stormy Monday - Allman Brothers - Guitar Lesson

    This classic blues tune, written by T-Bone Walker, took on a jazzy feel in the hands of Bobby Blue Bland and guitarist Wayne Bennett, and passed into our world courtesy of Duane and Gregg Allman. It is an embellished 12-bar blues in 12/8 time and this lesson goes over the rhythm and progression, as well as a short look at the opening chords and a segment on Lead Tips. It is all barre chords, including 9th chords and an augmented turnaround.