Eric Clapton Volume 2

Eric Clapton Volume 2

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Eric Clapton lesson pack includes 5 full song lessons, with all tabs, charts, chords and guitar pro files.


  • Lesson 1: Change The World - Eric Clapton - Guitar Lesson

    Change The World is a song written by Tommy Sims, Wayne Kirkpatrick and Gordon Kennedy, over quite a long period of time.

    Eric Clapton recorded it for the movie Phenomenon in 1996 and it has become one of his most requested and performed songs of the last 20 years. It starts with a bluesy vamp, and a nod toward Muddy Waters, a big influence on Clapton, and continues into a jazzier chorus.

    In the lesson we go over the vamp played in a comping style, and some different choices for the chords, particularly in the chorus. There are quite a few barre chords involved, as well as partial shapes where you only include certain strings.

  • Lesson 2: Lay Down Sally - Eric Clapton - Guitar Lesson

    This fun and fairly simple song by Eric Clapton is an awesome demonstration of how two guitars can intermingle while being individually simplistic to play, yet sound full and strong when played together.

    It’s based around an A blues bass line that’s played on guitar while the second guitar plays a boogie pattern reminiscent of John Lee Hooker.

    This lesson will show you how to play all the guitar riffs as well as some of the sweetest Clapton solo licks that just happen to be quick and easy to learn on your acoustic... A must have for any Clapton fan.

    This lesson will get you grooving like Mr. Slowhand instantly!

  • Lesson 3: Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out - Guitar Lesson

    This blues classic dates to the 1920s, had a resurgence in the 1960s folk/blues revival, and surfaced again with Eric Clapton’s Unplugged album in the 1990s.

    Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out is more of ragtime or country blues tune as it uses a 16-measure format with a few secondary dominant chords rather than the 12-bar format using I, IV and V.

    This lesson assumes the student is already familiar with the right hand accompaniment style, similar to Big Bill Broonzy’s Hey Hey.

    The lesson looks mostly at the progression and ideas about playing lead over it in a style like Clapton’s. This ends up being a combination of pentatonic scales and triad shapes, along with some stock blues licks.

  • Lesson 4: Outside Woman Blues with Beaker

    This was one of the main songs Beaker was interested in looking at while he was here. There is a great acoustic version that Eric Clapton does, which is pretty much the same as the electric version he did with Cream. We also went into altered ninth chords a bit.

  • Lesson 5: Over The Rainbow - Eric Clapton - Guitar Lesson

    Eric Clapton’s live version of Over The Rainbow is a pretty standard jazzy treatment of this classic from The Wizard Of Oz. This lesson just covers the progression in a very similar style to what Eric did with his band.

    The strumming is very basic but the chords may have a few new shapes for many students.