Eagles Volume 1 Pack

Eagles Volume 1 Pack

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The Eagles are unquestionably one of the greatest and most influential bands of the last 50 years. Their songs particularly tickle the fancies of guitar players as the guitar parts are always interesting, generally fairly basic, and sometimes quite challenging. This package includes most of the bands guitar-player's favorites, along with a vocal masterpiece and a bonus look at one of their classic riffs.


  • Lesson 1: Lyin’ Eyes - Guitar Lesson

    Lyin’ Eyes is one of our most requested Eagles songs. It was written by Glenn Frey and Don Henley and was released on their 1975 album One Of These Nights. It is a basic country song with a nice lead played over the introduction. This lesson goes over the chords and strumming, as well as a way to incorporate the opening lead into the strumming.

  • Lesson 2: Best Of My Love - Guitar Lesson

    Best Of My Love is from The Eagles album On The Border and features a nice, melodic strumming introduction, which continues into the verses. J. D. Souther, Glenn Frey and Don Henley wrote it and still perform it to this day. This lesson covers the chord progression and some variations taken from a second guitar part but it is mostly a simple strumming song.

  • Lesson 3: Desperado - Guitar Lesson

    Desperado is the title song from The Eagles second album. Glenn Frey and Don Henley wrote it with Glenn playing the piano. This guitar lesson is mostly a strumming one with the addition of transcribing the intro into a nice little guitar solo. There are basically two parts but each one is done a little differently each time, making a chord chart a little difficult to lay out. This is the first (and possibly only) time I have included a page with the chords over the words.

  • Lesson 4: Hotel California - Free Guitar Lesson

    Another classic from this supergroup, Hotel California featured many guitar parts. This lesson looks at both opening rhythm guitar parts as well as the dueling closing leads.

  • Lesson 5: Seven Bridges Road - Guitar Lesson

    Seven Bridges Road is a song written by Steve Young and covered by many artists. This lesson goes over the guitar part to The Eagles arrangement which first came out on their live album in 1980. The song opens and closes with the melody done a capella, vocals only, no instrumental accompaniment. Then the guitar comes in with a bluegrass style strumming pattern. The lesson is presented as an ear training exercise at first, so don’t look at the tab until you watch the first segment.

  • Lesson 6: Take It To The Limit - Guitar Lesson

    Take It To The Limit is a pretty basic strumming song in 3/4 time. Written by Randy Meisner, Glenn Frey, and Don Henley, it was released on The Eagles’ 1975 album One Of These Nights. This lesson looks a bit at the original key but mostly at the key they typically play it in now. It includes an ear-training segment, a very simple Campfire Version, and thoughts on embellishing it with bass runs and some lead fills.

  • Lesson 7: Take It Easy - Guitar Lesson

    Take It Easy was the first single for the Eagles, released on their debut album in 1972. It was written by Jackson Browne and Glenn Frey and later appeared on Browne's second album For Everyman. It is pretty much a Campfire song but the lesson also looks at the syncopated strumming pattern that opens the song.

  • Lesson 8: Life in The Fast Lane (IRL)

    This lesson is part of our Intros, Riffs & Licks Package.

    Today we head back into our Intros, Riffs& Licks series with Life In The Fast Lane by the Eagles. This was a song based on a Joe Walsh riff that has a Jimmy Page-like syncopation, where the melodic figure starts on a different beat after a few repetitions. See if you can spot the similarity between this and Black Dog, and even Band On The Run by Paul McCartney.