Badfinger 6-Pack

Badfinger 6-Pack

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Badfinger was a band of very talented musicians who got their start with the Beatles’ Apple label in 1969. The main songwriting team consisted of Pete Ham and Tom Evans. They put together a handful of hits in the early 1970s, although probably their best-known tune was probably Without You, a song made famous by Harry Nilsson and later covered by over 200 other artists. This pack of lessons includes their four biggest hits, along with the slightly obscurebut beautiful Carry On Till Tomorrow, and of course a look at the two versions of Without You.


  • Lesson 1: Baby Blue - Guitar Lesson

    Baby Blue was a hit for Badfinger in 1972, having been released on their 1971 album Straight Up. Pete Ham wrote it about a girlfriend of his who had accompanied them on their recent US tour. The song features a simple, slightly distorted guitar riff followed by a short scale run that introduces many of the measures. This lesson goes over the chords and fills, and includes transitions from strumming to scales or arpeggios that are a bit tricky.

  • Lesson 2: Carry On Till Tomorrow - Guitar Lesson

    Carry On Till Tomorrow is a Pete Ham/Tom Evans composition from the first Badfinger album, Magic Christian Music. It was used in the 1969 film starring Peter Sellers and Ringo and had lush production with strings added. This lesson covers the rhythm guitar part, along with a short lead that finished with a key change, then into the last verse in the higher key. The original was done with a capo at the third fret but the lesson is done without it.

  • Lesson 3: Come And Get It - Guitar Lesson

    Come And Get It was the theme song for the 1969 movie The Magic Christian, starring Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr. Paul McCartney wrote the song and gave it to the Badfinger to record, promising it would be a hit if they did it exactly like his demo. They did, and it was. It was originally done on piano but it translates very well to the guitar using a strumming pattern that mimics the piano accompaniment. The lesson is done in the key of E and requires a couple of slightly difficult chords, B and Fmaj7.

  • Lesson 4: Day After Day - Guitar Lesson

    Day After Day was written by Pete Ham and was one of their biggest hits, appearing on their third album Straight Up. It featured Pete playing some slide guitar along with George Harrison.This lesson covers the rhythm guitar parts, the main slide solo, and the piano fills, or tags, which separated each verse.

  • Lesson 5: No Matter What - Guitar Lesson

    No Matter What was a hit for Badfinger in 1970, from their second album No Dice. It was written and sung by guitar player Pete Ham and featured a simple, but distinctive opening riff. This was followed by a syncopated strumming pattern, then a straight-ahead rock pattern in the chorus, before a short slide guitar solo and an unusual, false ending. This lesson covers everything, including a way to simulate the slide solo on acoustic guitar.

  • Lesson 6: Without You - Guitar Lesson

    Without You is a song written by Badfinger's Pete Ham and Tom Evans, and appeared on their second album No Dice. Neither the label (Apple), nor the band thought it was strong enough to be considered for a single release but it has turned out to be probably their most famous song. Harry Nilsson had a huge hit with it shortly after the initial release, and over 180 artists since have covered it, including Mariah Carey in 1994. This lesson looks at the chord progression in a couple of different keys and includes some theory related to transposing it as well.