America 6-Pack

America 6-Pack

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America was a group of three American kids who met in England where their parents were members of the military. They named the band after their home country and entered the folk-rock scene of the early 1970s armed with acoustic guitars and great harmonies. We have a pack of 5 lessons that includes some of their best, and most popular songs.


  • Lesson 1: I Need You - Guitar Lesson

    I Need You is another great tune from the first America album. It was written by Gerry Beckley, who played piano and sang lead on the track. It features some unusual chord changes as well as an uncommon time signature change.

  • Lesson 2: Lonely People - Guitar Lesson

    Lonely People is one of Dan Peek's contributions to the America catalog. It first appeared on their album Holiday, but is of course available on Greatest Hits as well. It is mostly a basic strumming song using chords in the key of G but there are some short bass runs that connect the chords that can be a bit challenging.

  • Lesson 3: Sandman - Guitar Lesson

    Sandman is one of many great tunes from America's first album, which also included Horse With No Name and I Need You. Dewey Bunnell wrote it and it features some interesting strumming patterns and changes. The lesson also includes a detailed look at the acoustic guitar solo in the middle of the song.

  • Lesson 4: Sister Golden Hair - Guitar Lesson

    Sister Golden Hair was written by Gerry Beckley and first appeared in 1975 on America’s fifth album Hearts. It is a fairly basic strumming song but has quite a few barre chords used, many changing quickly. This short lesson includes a chord chart with lyrics and all the details you need to get it down.

  • Lesson 5: Ventura Highway - Guitar Lesson

    Ventura Highway is one of Dewey Bunnell’s and America’s most popular and recognizable songs. It features the colorful and cryptic line about ‘alligator lizards in the air’, really an innocent reference to cloud formations. This lesson goes over the chord progression, strumming patterns, and even into the lead guitar parts.

  • Lesson 6: Tin Man - America - Guitar Lesson

    Dewey Bunnell wrote Tin Man, which appeared on America’s fourth album, Holiday. The song uses only a few chords but features double-time strumming that is heavily syncopated.

    There are some shapes that may be new to many students that could require some time to master, in particular a 4-string major seventh chord derived from the ‘E’ family.

    The lesson includes some chord theory as well as a slowed down run through of the progression.

  • Lesson 7: A Horse With No Name Free Guitar Lesson

    Description coming soon