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Bob Seger Package

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Bob Seger came on the scene in a big way with the release of Night Moves in 1976. He had been a regional star in the Midwest, particularly in his home state of Michigan, for more than a decade before that. His roots-rock style is characterized by acoustic guitar folksy ballads, as well as a more piano driven rock sound. His vocal stylings include many, almost Gospel influenced, improvised sections, especially as endings to his catchy songs. This set of lessons focuses on some of his best-known tunes from the early days of the Silver Bullet Band.


  • Lesson 1: You'll Accomp'ny Me - Guitar Lesson

    You’ll Accomp’ny Me is a classic example of how Bob Seger can take a simple set of chords and create a great groove, and then use that as a background for a catchy melody with memorable lyrics. This is from his 1980 album Against The Wind. The lesson focuses on the chords and syncopated strumming pattern, and adds in segments about strumming in double time, or at the speed of sixteenth notes rather than just eighths.

  • Lesson 2: Night Moves - Guitar Lesson

    *Night Moves* was the song that took Bob Seger out of the local hero scene in the Midwest and into the national spotlight. It is a very simple chord-riff type song with a very distinctive strumming sound. This lesson covers the basics, as well as all of the intricate and subtle changes that happen later in the song. The main riff is done with percussive muting with the left hand.

  • Lesson 3: Still The Same - Guitar Lesson

    Still The Same followed Night Moves on the charts and was from the next album, Stranger In Town, released in 1978. This short lesson goes over the basic chord progression and strumming, and incorporates the signature piano riff into the accompaniment.

  • Lesson 4: Fire Lake - Guitar Lesson

    *Fire Lake*is from Bob Seger’s 1980 album Against The Wind and is another fairly basic chord progression that makes great use of a simple bass line. The focus of this lesson is to improve your accuracy as far as hitting the right bass notes loud and clear. The lesson also has some of our ‘Work It Out’ elements to help with ear training. Try not to look at the chart until you’ve gone through the first few segments.

  • Lesson 5: Against The Wind - Guitar Lesson

    *Against The Wind *was a hit for Bob Seger in 1980. It is a good example of a basic strumming song that uses only chords in 1 key. This lesson is presented in our ‘Work It Out’ manner where the student is led through listening to the changes and guided into some of the things to listen for to figure it out by ear. Be sure not to download the chart until you have given it a try.