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Zombies Package

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The Zombies were a one-of-a-kind British band who did not put out many albums but wrote and recorded a handful of classics for the ages. Their sound was mainly identified by the vocals of Colin Blunstone and the exquisite keyboard work of Rod Argent. This pack contains their 4 most recognized songs as well as a tune from Argent, Rod's next band.


  • Lesson 1: She's Not There Guitar Lesson

    *She’s Not There *is probably more identified by keyboard and bass parts, and these are combined in this lesson, creating a somewhat complicated arrangement that might be called the ‘Fancy Version.’ This lesson includes keeping a complex riff going underneath the vocals, rather then just strumming the chords, and presents a good challenge for intermediate guitar students. The Campfire Version is included as well.

  • Lesson 2: Tell Her No - Guitar Lesson

    *Tell Her No*was the second hit for The Zombies in 1965. Written by keyboard play Rod Argent, it features some jazzy, extended chords and nice riffs and passing lines between chords. The quick changes and syncopated strumming patterns make this quite a challenge for most guitar players.

  • Lesson 3: Time Of The Season

    The last big hit for The Zombies, *Time Of The Season*was a song driven by a bass line, keyboard fills and solos, a few percussion accents, and compelling vocals by Colin Blunstone. It is another Rod Argent tune that can be fun to play on the guitar, especially when trying to capture some of those parts. This lesson looks at a very easy way of strumming the song as well as a more complicated version that incorporates many of those items into the accompaniment. Neil also includes some thoughts on singing and improvising a short lead over the chord changes.

  • Lesson 4: I Love You - Guitar Lesson

    *I Love You*is a song by The Zombies that was written by bass player Chris White but never charted for the band. It was a hit in the US by San Jose-based one-hit-wonder /People!/ in 1968. It has a nice melody picked out over Am and Fmaj7 in the intro and a typical 60s muted strumming pattern in the verse. It also is a good song to learn the technique of fretting notes with your left thumb.

  • Lesson 5: Hold Your Head Up - Guitar Lesson

    After The Zombies disbanded in 1968, keyboardist Rod Argent resurfaced with his own band, Argent, which included Chris White, another ex-Zombie on bass. The two of them collaborated on some great songs in the early 1970s and *Hold Your Head Up*is probably their best known. The song features a pounding, hypnotic bass under some distorted guitar chords, then a lengthy, spacey keyboard solo. This short lesson looks at combining the bass and guitar parts into a solid accompaniment to the verse, as well as the accented (and shocking sounding) chords in the chorus.