Jack Johnson Package

Jack Johnson Package

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Songs in the pack:
1. Banana Pancakes
2. Better Together
3. Good People
4. Taylor
5. You And Your Heart


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Jack Johnson, born on May 18, 1975, is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and filmmaker. Known for his laid-back acoustic sound and soulful voice, Johnson has achieved worldwide success with his unique blend of folk, rock, and pop music.

Johnson was born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii. Growing up, he developed a passion for surfing and music. In his early years, he gained recognition as a professional surfer, participating in the professional surfing circuit before dedicating himself to music full-time.

In 2001, Johnson released his debut album, "Brushfire Fairytales," which featured his signature acoustic sound and introspective songwriting. The album's lead single, "Flake," became a hit and introduced Johnson to a wider audience. His laid-back, melodic tunes and thoughtful lyrics resonated with listeners, and he quickly gained a devoted following.

Johnson's subsequent albums, including "On and On" (2003), "In Between Dreams" (2005), and "Sleep Through the Static" (2008), achieved both commercial success and critical acclaim. He consistently maintained his signature sound while exploring themes of love, nature, and social consciousness in his songwriting.

Apart from his musical career, Johnson is also an avid environmental activist. He actively promotes sustainable living and has used his success and platform to raise awareness about environmental issues. His tours and events are often accompanied by initiatives to reduce waste and promote eco-friendly practices.

In addition to his music, Johnson has directed and produced films, including the surf documentary "Thicker Than Water" (2000) and the concert documentary "En Concert" (2009). These projects showcase his creativity and passion for visual storytelling.

Throughout his career, Jack Johnson has received multiple awards and nominations, including Grammy nominations for his albums and songs. He continues to release new music and tour, captivating audiences with his relaxed and soulful performances.

With his soothing voice, heartfelt lyrics, and commitment to environmental causes, Jack Johnson has solidified his place as a beloved artist who inspires listeners with his music and his dedication to making a positive impact on the world.


  • Lesson 1: You And Your Heart - Guitar Lesson

    You And Your Heart is another ‘breezy, rhythm guitar-driven hit’ by Hawaiian singer-songwriter Jack Johnson, and is the lead single from his 2010 studio album ‘To The Sea’.

    The lesson takes a look at how Jack performs it acoustically in the key of C, but also addresses the album version which is in the key of D. The first one is a little laid back, while the original recording swings a bit more.

    It also covers the progression and the main riffs which are very fun to play. It requires focussed strumming at the speed of 16th’s, while making sure that the other strings are dead by muting them with the left hand.

    The strumming patterns for those riffs are carried over to the rest of the song, but should be done full on, driving and consistent.

  • Lesson 2: Taylor - Guitar Lesson

    This funky and very rhythmic song by Jack Johnson has a fairly complex intro that breaks into more simplistic guitar parts throughout the song.

    If you’re looking for a great way to improve your timing, groove and ability to play rhythmically while simultaneously improving your single note runs, melodies and licks, than this is the lesson for you!

  • Lesson 3: Good People - MattB Guitar Lesson

    So this is a special guest acoustic lesson from MattB. If you are yet to watch MattB's interview series please go and check that out. For those of you yet to realize, Matt has been blind from 2 years old on, and yet has become a great guitar teacher, player, and artist. In 2005, Jack Johnson released the album In Between Dreams, a disc that would include a number of hits that cemented Johnson as an acoustic rock favorite. Hawaiian-born and California-educated, Johnson's voice and style echoes Nick Drake of the 1960's with a slightly tropical flare. This song showcases the possibilities available with four chords for a verse and a chorus, spices things up with a bluesy bridge, and, best of all, starts things off with a sweet and groovy acoustic guitar lead.

  • Lesson 4: Banana Pancakes - Guitar Lesson

    Jack Johnson’s easy, relaxed style makes for some really fun songs to play. Banana Pancakes is from his 2005 album In Between Dreams and features an interesting percussive strumming pattern, along with a bunch of barre chords, which help the percussive effect. There are also a couple of nice little licks played behind the vocals.

  • Lesson 5: Better Together - Guitar Lesson

    This feel good song by Jack Johnson is a great way to loosen up at the end of a long day.

    Reminiscent of beach vibes and sunsets, Better Together incorporates easy chords and soulful licks with a bouncy mid-tempo rhythm.

    Relax and unwind with this fun filled lesson!