Stone Temple Pilots Pack

Stone Temple Pilots Pack

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Songs in the pack:

1. Plush
2. Interstate Love Song
3. Vasoline
4. Sex Type Thing
5. Creep

The Stone Temple Pilots dominated the airwaves in the 1990s and had a bunch of hits that are really fun for guitar players to play. They are generally not too difficult either, which adds a lot to their appeal. All five of these songs are from their first couple albums–Core and Purple.


  • Lesson 1: Interstate Love Song

    Stone Temple Pilots are one of grunge rock’s most epic bands and this tune is a perfect example of that. Built upon a solid foundation of rock guitar chord strumming, it is a great way to improve your rhythm playing and an overall fun song to perform. It will challenge your ability to play and move barre chords around the neck while keeping a strumming pattern in your picking hand.

  • Lesson 2: Creep - Acoustic Guitar Lesson

    Creep is a great song by Stone Temple Pilots, and one that can help you get accustomed to various strumming patterns and standard chord shapes.

    If you’re looking for a simplistic, slow tempo song to practice your rhythm playing, then this is the lesson for you!

  • Lesson 3: Plush - Guitar Lesson

    Plush is from the first album by the Stone Temple Pilots, Core, released in 1992. It features some colorful chords played on the top 4 strings with a great distortion sound. This lesson covers all the parts; Verse, Bridge, and a couple of different choruses, as well as a bit of theory talk on Modal Interchange.

    This is one of a few lessons put together by Neil's friend Matt B., who was blind since birth and took lessons from Neil when he was in high school. Tragically, he is no longer with us but we are thankful to have a handful of lessons he was able to do for TG.

  • Lesson 4: Vasoline - Acoustic Guitar Lesson

    This Stone Temple Pilots tune is fairly simple, yet very catchy and rhythmic. The single note riffs are fairly easy to learn, however they will test your sense of rhythm and timing. There are also some heavy power chord sections and even some lead guitar licks that will, overall, raise your playing level in many different areas.

  • Lesson 5: Sex Type Thing - Acoustic Guitar Lesson

    This radio hit from the 90s will be familiar to any rock or grunge fan. Built upon an iconic guitar riff and chock full of rock rhythms, interesting chords and even some octave licks, this lesson will get your fingers moving and your head banging!