Steely Dan 6-Pack

Steely Dan 6-Pack

What's included

  • All tab
  • Chords
  • Chart
  • Guitar pro files


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  • Lesson 1: Rikki Don’t Lose That Number Guitar Lesson

    One of Steely Dan’s most famous and catchy tunes, this song is a great way for you to get some of their repertoire under your fingers quickly.

    Not as challenging as some of their songs, this lesson will take you through the chords and harmony before introducing you to the vocal melody and how to play it, with harmonies, on the guitar.

  • Lesson 2: Dirty Work Guitar Lesson

    This Steely Dan song is a fantastic way to get into the minds of these great songwriters. By utilizing simplistic chords but with a unique arrangement, you can really see how crafting a song can be an expressive and creative endeavor.

    In addition to learning the structure, chords and guitar parts, you’ll also learn the sax solo that makes this tune such a hit!

  • Lesson 3: Kid Charlemagne Guitar Lesson

    Description coming soon

  • Lesson 4: Josie - Guitar Lesson

    If you’re looking for a fun song to learn that will also be a challenge, then you came to the right place. This popular Steely Dan tune will take you on a funky journey through a ton of uncommon chords and chord shapes while simultaneously giving you a rhythmic workout.

    Add in the guitar solo and you have all the elements to help you get to the next level in your guitar playing!

  • Lesson 5: Any Major Dude Will Tell You Guitar Lesson

    This fantastic Steely Dan song is a great way to learn a whole host of various techniques and musical ideas.

    Not only is it a really fun song to play but you’ll also improve your knowledge of double-stops, guitar harmonies and how to craft unique song arrangements.

    If you’re a Steely Dan fan, you’re going to love this lesson!

  • Lesson 6: Reelin' In The Years Guitar Lesson

    Steely Dan are no strangers to great guitar playing, and this tune starts off with some amazing guitar soloing.

    Using simplistic chords, the guitar dances around the harmony in unique and interesting ways that will expand your idea of improvisation and how to approach a solo.

    Pair that with the melodic riffs and licks to the rest of the song and you’ve got a lesson that will keep you learning for a long time!