Rolling Stones Bonus 5-Pack

Rolling Stones Bonus 5-Pack

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The Rolling Stones have been a favorite band of guitarists and music fans alike for almost 50 years now and have been the creators of some of the greatest riff-based songs of all time. This set of lessons includes some very detailed looks and explanations of some of their songs, some simple strumming patterns, and a few that just go over the main riff or intro to one of their classics.

The bonus lessons are 5 IRLs (Intros, Riffs & Licks).


  • Lesson 1: Angie Guitar Lesson - Rolling Stones

    Angie is like many other great Rolling Stones songs in that it features a very distinctive opening guitar part, although it is unusual because it is done on an acoustic guitar.

    This lesson goes over the intro in a very detailed manner, as well as the basic rhythm guitar parts that accompany the vocals. Neil plays a Chord Solo version of it in the Play Through section and tab for that is included. The techniques needed to create this type of instrumental are covered in our Acoustic Genius Series lesson titled Chord Solos Volume 1.

    Angie was one of our original 50 Target lessons. In the Break It Down segment I mentioned that someday I might add another part looking at some of the fills, particularly over the Am and E7 chords. Thanks to Willem's request, someday has come, about six years later. This new clip also offers some second guitar ideas for the G progression using 3-string triads as outlined in our lesson "Lead Secrets: Triads."

  • Lesson 2: Paint It Black Guitar Lesson - Rolling Stones

    Paint it Black was released in 1966 on Aftermath. It was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, while Brian Jones’ contribution on the sitar gave the song a unique texture, blending the Stones’ hard rock and roll with the resonance of the sitar. The song is played in the key of D minor, but capoed to the 3rd fret, really putting it in the key of F minor. Paint It Black is a very simple song in terms of technique and the intro is a nice little picking rendition of the melody.

  • Lesson 3: Waiting On A Friend - Guitar Lesson - Rolling Stones

    Waiting On A Friend is a fairly basic strumming song with a couple of notes added to C and F chords to create a little melody.

    This lesson goes over the simple rhythm accompaniment.

    Tab and an additional video clip are now included to the Chord Solo that Neil improvised in the Play Through segment.

  • Lesson 4: Wild Horses Guitar Lesson - Rolling Stones

    The Stones’ recording of Wild Horses featured 3 guitars throughout the song- one acoustic guitar in standard tuning, another in open G (DGDGBD), and an electric playing mostly fills. This lesson looks at the basic rhythm part, playing some of the Open G parts, as well as a Chord Solo as Neil plays in the first segment.

  • Lesson 5: You Can’t Always Get What You Want Guitar Lesson - Rolling Stones

    Another Rolling Stones Campfire song, You Can't Always Get What You Want is about as easy as it gets in their catalog. A few simple chords and a simple strumming pattern and you've got it. This lesson also talks about playing in different keys using a capo to create different sounds.

  • Lesson 6: (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (IRL)

    This lesson is part of our Intros, Riffs & Licks Package.

    Our last entry in the Rolling Stones Riffs department (for now), Satisfaction is about as basic as you can get. Just a couple of power chords and a variation on a standard blues vamp.

  • Lesson 7: Brown Sugar (IRL)

    This lesson is part of our Intros, Riffs & Licks Package.

    Another classic Keith Richards' riff, Brown Sugar, done in Open G on the Claxton 5-String Special.

  • Lesson 8: Honky Tonk Women (IRL)

    This lesson is part of our Intros, Riffs & Licks Package.

    Honky Tonk Women is one of the Rolling Stones and Keith Richards' most recognizable intros and and best known cool guitar lick. As such, it seems like a great song to introduce our series of Intros, Riffs & Licks (IRL). The guitar part is done in Open G Tuning (DGDGBG), although Keith likes to remove his 6th string in situations like this to have better access to the chord root, on the 5th string. Neil, going against better judgment and common sense, presents this lesson in just that manner.

  • Lesson 9: Jumpin Jack Flash (IRL)

    This lesson is part of our Intros, Riffs & Licks Package.

    Another one of the Rolling Stones signature openings, Jumpin' Jack Flash is really just standard barre chords over an independent bass line. This lesson combines the 2 parts and really captures the sound of the original recording. It also shows the main riff and chord progression.

  • Lesson 10: Start Me Up (IRL)

    This lesson is part of our Intros, Riffs & Licks Package.

    Another classic Keith Richards lick opens Start Me Up. This quick look is done in Open G tuning like Honky Tonk Women and Brown Sugar.