Beatles Let It Be Bonus 10-Pack

Beatles Let It Be Bonus 10-Pack

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The recent Peter Jackson documentary Get Back inspired some new lessons from The Beatles' Let It Be album. Most of these have never been in a pack for us but we now have 10 songs from that classic album all available for the price of our 5-Packs.


  • Lesson 1: For You Blue

    In January of 1969 The Beatles were intent on making an album and a movie, which was released as 'Let It Be' in 1970, then became the documentary 'Get Back' in 2021. For You Blue was one of two songs from George Harrison that made the final pressing of Let It Be. The band really considered the song inconsequential but had fun playing it as evidenced by John's enthusiastic lap steel playing.

    The tune is a simple 12-bar-blues with a creative intro that George played on the acoustic guitar with a capo at the fifth fret. The lesson goes over the progression with great detail on the intro, as well as a segment showing how to do John's part with a bottleneck in Open D Tuning. There is also a short segment on accompanying the verse without a capo in the key of D.

  • Lesson 2: Get Back - The Beatles - Guitar Lesson

    In 1969, The Beatles planned on making a rock and roll record more in the style of their earlier albums.

    The project did not go well but a few great songs came out of those sessions that later on became the Let It Be album.

    Get Back was the working title of the album and definitely one of the highlights. It featured John on lead guitar and Billy Preston on keyboards.

    This lesson goes over George’s basic guitar part, John’s fills and solos, and even has a bit on Billy’s keyboard fills.

  • Lesson 3: I Me Mine

    The second George Harrison song that made the cut onto the Beatles' Let It Be album (For You Blue being the first), I Me Mine is a very short tune in two sections. The first part is a beautiful progression in 3/4 time, which then transitions into a 12-bar-blues shuffle. This lesson goes over a couple ways of playing the parts, including alternate chords that George played as the song evolved, as well as the lead fills that happen during the shuffle.

  • Lesson 4: The Long And Winding Road

    The Long And Winding Road is a classic Paul McCartney ballad with a piano accompaniment that first appeared on the Beatles' Let It Be album, released in 1970. An alternate take of it was released in 2003 on the Let It Be...Naked album.
    This lesson presents the chord progression in the key of D, a half step lower than the original, with a basic guitar accompaniment, as well as a way to do more like what Paul played on the piano.

  • Lesson 5: I've Got A Feeling

    The Beatles last public performance took place on January 30, 1969, on the rooftop of Apple Studios. It included a couple versions of I've Got A Feeling, which featured John playing a repetitive 2-chord vamp throughout most of the song, along with George adding some great accents and runs. This lesson goes over both parts quite extensively.

  • Lesson 6: Let it Be - Guitar Lesson

    Let It Be is a great strumming and singing tune with a chord progression that is a lot of fun to practice playing leads using the Major Pentatonic scale. This 4-Part TARGET lesson covers the rhythm guitar part and some of the piano fills, as well as a discussion on lead playing in general.

  • Lesson 7: Two Of Us - Guitar Lesson

  • Lesson 8: Across The Universe - Guitar Lesson

    Across The Universe is a John Lennon tune that originally appeared on a benefit album for the World Wildlife Fund (the real WWF!) and later appeared on Let It Be. The most authentic version can be found on the reissue Let It Be… Naked. The song opens with a short melody, harmonized in 6ths, played on the 1st and 3rd strings, before settling into a little strumming over F#m and A. The verse has an interesting variation in a couple of spots where John puts an extra beat of A in a measure to let the words flow a little smoother.

  • Lesson 9: Dig A Pony - The Beatles - Guitar Lesson

    This Beatles song starts with a pretty awesome pentatonic lick that will help you work on your stretching in your fretting hand, while simultaneously keeping your rhythm on point.

    In ¾ time signature it requires a different feel than a standard 4/4 song (very common to the Beatles).

    Following that intro riff come a series of chords using a similar rhythmic pattern that are overdubbed by with some killer country-blues style licks to help keep the momentum moving.

    It winds it’s way into the guitar solo which is chock full of great 60s style blues licks with a rapid and accelerated ending to help cap it all off.

    All in all, if you’re looking for a Beatles song with versatility and some licks that will challenge you, then this is your song!

  • Lesson 10: Don't Let Me Down - The Beatles - Guitar Lesson

    This awesome Beatles tune is like a master class in playing double stops. In the guitar friendly key of E major, utilizing the C#m pentatonic box comes very naturally to most players.

    By understanding how these simple scales can be combined to form little melodies made up of two or more notes at a time will drastically improve your playing and take you from a single-note solo player to being able to harmonize with yourself and launch your playing to the next level!