Beatles Help 5-Pack

Beatles Help 5-Pack

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This set of lessons includes songs from Help and With The Beatles.


  • Lesson 1: Till There Was You by The Beatles - Guitar Lesson

    Till There Was You was a staple of the Beatles’ early performances, and their recording of it on With The Beatles certainly ramped up its popularity.

    This lesson goes into a few different ways to play the chords and progression, as well as a look at George’s solo parts.

  • Lesson 2: Another Girl

    Another Girl was one of Paul McCartney's songs that was used in The Beatles movie Help, and featured on the album in 1965. The song is a simple set of short parts with a few easy guitar parts. This short lesson goes over George's acoustic part using open chords and John's electric part using barre chords, hitting accents on the back beats (beats 2 and 4).

  • Lesson 3: It's Only Love - The Beatles - Guitar Lesson

    One of John Lennon’s least favorite songs. It’s Only Love has some great qualities I think he overlooked. It is from their 1965 album Help and included multiple guitar parts.

    In this lesson we combine some of George’s lead fills with the strumming, which is pretty fast a a little syncopated, as well as look at two separate rhythm guitar parts. There is a capo/transposing challenge in there as well.

  • Lesson 4: You're Gonna Lose That Girl

    In 1965 The Beatles embarked on their second movie, Help. It was a fun romp with a spy-spoof theme. The album included John Lennon's You're Gonna Lose That Girl, which was largely overlooked by critics, and even the band themselves. It actually shows the growing maturity the boys were experiencing as songwriters with its short sections and unusual modulations.

    This lesson goes over the chords, in the keys of E, G and even a little in C, and works on percussive strumming– the techniques to mute the strings on beats 2 and 4. Barre chords are a necessity here, as is almost always the case when playing in the key of E Major.

  • Lesson 5: It Won’t Be Long - The Beatles - Guitar Lesson

    The Beatles second UK release kicked off with a rocking tune, It Won’t Be Long. This is one of their earliest songs and has a bunch of the elements that demonstrate how they changed the musical landscape.

    It has chords that should not go together, unbalanced phrases, a major scale run with a bluesy twist, a chromatic descent of dissonant chords, and a jazzy little tag at the end.

    The lesson covers all that with a lot of variations on how to play many of the chords.