Green Day Acoustic 5-Pack

Green Day Acoustic 5-Pack

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Green Day started out in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1987 and was part of the local punk scene in the 1980s and 90s. They have remained a big part of the scene well into the first decades of the 21st century.

This pack includes acoustic versions of 5 of their best songs, from four of our teachers, including one by our friend Matt B., who we miss until this day.


  • Lesson 1: Hitchin’ A Ride by Green Day

    Here we have a bouncing, distorted power chord descending in carnival fashion while Billy Joe belts out lyrics. This awesome song has some great swinging rhythm and blazing octave licks, so grab that guitar and lets start rocking!

  • Lesson 2: Basket Case by Green Day

    This iconic 90’s punk song was a hit from day one! Full of classic Billy Joe Armstrong, riffs and rhythms abound.

    With this lesson you’ll walk away knowing the ins and outs of one of the songs that helped kick start alternative punk rock!

  • Lesson 3: Wake Me Up When September Ends

    Wake Me Up When September Ends is a song by American punk rock band Green Day, as the fourth single of their seventh studio album ‘American Idiot’ (2004).

    It was written by front-man Billie Joe Armstrong about his father, who died of cancer, when he was ten years old.

    The lesson shows how Billie Joe performs the song by himself. It covers the progression in the key of G, with mostly open chords and three barre chords. For the right hand is both flatpicking and strumming, which changes back and forth throughout the arrangement.

    We also take a quick look at the simple, yet effective guitar solo which he leaves out and strums instead.

  • Lesson 4: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

    Boulevard Of Broken Dreams is from Green Day's 2004 rock opera American Idiot. The lesson presents an acoustic guitar version, as done in the preview by Vanessa.

  • Lesson 5: Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

    This lesson goes over the chords and strumming pattern to this acoustic tune by Green Day. Good for beginners but a little on the fast side.

    This lesson was done by our good friend Matt B. We miss him terribly.