Queen 7-Pack

Queen 7-Pack

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This set of lessons covers a big range of Queen tunes and includes some of our students' favorite songs. Freddie Mercury and Brian May penned some of the most memorable hits of the 70s and 80s and this package could keep almost all guitar players captivated and fascinated for months.


  • Lesson 1: Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen - Guitar Lesson

    Freddie Mercury really channeled the spirit of Elvis with Crazy Little Thing Called Love. The song was one of the highlights of Queen’s 1980 album The Game, and is easily accessible now on Queen’s Greatest Hits from the following year.

    This lesson uses the ‘Work It Out’ approach with a ‘Listen’ segment before going through the chords so hold off on printing the attachment if you’d like the ear-training challenge. Otherwise, this is a fun, strumming song with mostly easy chords.

  • Lesson 2: I Want To Break Free - Queen - Guitar Lesson

    I Want To Break Free is a song by the British band Queen. It was written by bass player John Deacon and was originally included on their 11th album, The Works, released in 1984.

    This lesson shows how to play the rhythm guitar part.

    The song features a classic I, IV, V progression for the verses in the key of E and can be played with power chord shapes from the E and/or A families.

    The most important technique for the strumming hand, and essential for the overall feel of the song, is to ‘dampen the strings’, so we take a close look at that.

  • Lesson 3: Another One Bites The Dust

    This funk-rock hit is one of Queen’s most famous songs. The two-riff song is a great way to get introduced to funk guitar, and in particular, Brian May’s style of playing. If you’re looking to expand your chops to include some funky rhythms and a melodic approach to chords, then here is the lesson for you!

  • Lesson 4: Fat Bottomed Girls

    Here is one sludgy, grinding example of Brian May’s guitar genius. In dropped D tuning, this Queen song is a mix of that classic low string drone mixed with rock chord strumming and bluesy string bends. This is a great lesson for any player looking to learn more about rock rhythm guitar.

  • Lesson 5: We Will Rock You

    The world of rock guitar has its innovators, and Brian May is surely among the elite. With this seemingly simplistic guitar solo he was able to conjure up intensity and musicality using just two chords. In this lesson, you’ll learn the riffs and licks to one of the most played anthems ever!

  • Lesson 6: We Are The Champions

    This epic sing-along is the backdrop for nearly every American sports’ team victory. Its rhythmically driving, anthem-like feel translates into sweet melodies and ripping licks on the guitar. Channel your inner-rock god for this in depth lesson on Queen’s mega-hit, We Are The Champions.

  • Lesson 7: Under Pressure

    This classic rock masterpiece is one of the most sampled rock songs ever. The penetrating bass line and haunting piano chords give way to a sweetly complex arpeggio section. Learn all the parts and more right now!