Stevie Ray Vaughan 9-Pack

Stevie Ray Vaughan 9-Pack

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We enter a new era for our Artist Packs with some killer songs by Stevie Ray Vaughan. This Pack covers some of his most iconic tunes, usually going deeply into his signature solos. Most of the lessons break down some of Stevie’s classic licks along with the heavy rhythm parts. It even includes acoustic looks at a few of them.


  • Lesson 1: Taxman

    This is Stevie Ray Vaughan’s take on a Beatles’ classic. It’s a fat grooving, rhythmic shuffle that has some seriously awesome rhythm guitar involved. This lesson will show you some of SRV’s techniques and licks that helped him achieve that signature sound.

  • Lesson 2: Pride And Joy - Electric Lesson

    Possibly Stevie Ray Vaughn’s most popular song, Pride & Joy must be at the top of every aspiring guitarist’s list of songs to learn. With so many various riffs and unique techniques, this tune stands out as one that will surely raise your playing level by several notches. From the screaming opening to the riffs and searing leads, we will uncover the tricks and secrets that SRV employed on his way to guitar immortality.

  • Lesson 3: Mary Had A Little Lamb

    This ain’t you’re grandma’s nursery rhyme! This is a heavy-groove, distorted blues song that will get you melting faces in no time. Starting off with a Stevie Ray Vaughn special, an opening blues riff in E leads us into the track, followed by some great blues rhythm playing and ripping solo licks. Get in this lesson and give your hands a workout!

  • Lesson 4: Wham - Electric Lesson

    This is one blazing fast, high-energy blues! Stevie Ray Vaughan was renowned for his phrasing, musicality and soul, and here is a screaming fast version of his chops on full display. With this lesson you’ll learn all the parts to this famous guitar song, as well as the concepts, techniques and ideas that went into writing these kinds of riffs. Make sure you warm up before this lesson, because you’re in for the finger workout of your life.

  • Lesson 5: Shake For Me

    Here is a classic example of a Stevie Ray Vaughan blues in Bb. With its driving rhythm and searing melodies, this song is a tune that an aspiring guitarist would kill to play to perfection. Here’s your chance to do just that, with this in-depth look into one of guitar’s greatest heroes.

  • Lesson 6: Pride And Joy - Acoustic Lesson

    This Stevie Ray Vaughan song is maybe one of the most famous blues shuffles ever written. Originally on electric guitar, this version was performed for MTV’s Unplugged series in the late 80’s. SRV played this tune by himself on a 12-string, but managed to capture the feel, rhythm, bass line and guitar licks all by himself.

    In this lesson you’ll learn the ins and outs of this amazing blues, as well as a note for note lesson on the solo. By learning the way SRV played without a band, you get a unique glimpse into how he thought about the guitar as not just a lead instrument, but as a whole orchestra of rhythm, guitar and bass rolled into one!

  • Lesson 7: Life By The Drop

    Life By The Drop was the last track on Stevie Ray Vaughan's last release, The Sky Is Crying, which was a collection of miscellaneous recordings from many years. The song was written by his friend Doyle Bramhall, and mostly refers to their careers.

    The song has a classic SRV lick as an intro, which then settles into a shuffle rhythm, used commonly in twelve-bar blues progressions. This lesson covers the rhythm parts, the progression, twelve-bar blues (which this isn't), a couple other licks and variations Stevie uses in the song, as well as a detailed breakdown of the intro.

  • Lesson 8: Wham - Acoustic Lesson

    Stevie Ray Vaughan is known as one of the greatest guitarists of all time, and this song is a perfect example of that.

    If you’re looking for an intense challenge that will stretch your capabilities and massively improve your timing, right hand rhythms and your ability to play fast blues licks, than this is the lesson you’ve been waiting for!

  • Lesson 9: Texas Flood

    Texas Flood is an iconic twelve-bar-blues by Stevie Ray Vaughan. This lesson goes over the progression and the opening guitar solo.