Rolling Stones Acoustic 5-Pack

Rolling Stones Acoustic 5-Pack

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The Rolling Stones brought us some of the greatest riff based tunes over the last half-century. They also had a pile of songs that acoustic guitar players love to play. This set includes a few of their acoustic masterpieces, aling with an acoustic arrangement of one of their rocker (Bitch, brought to us by Max Rich).


  • Lesson 1: Beast Of Burden - The Rolling Stones - Guitar Lesson

    Beast Of Burden, from The Stones’ 1978 album Some Girls, is a great example of simplicity and almost minimalism at its best. The main two guitar parts consist of Keith Richards playing a few embellishments over 3-string triads, and Ronnie Wood noodling around with mostly pentatonic scales.

    This lesson explains both, and also includes a simple way of strumming a single guitar accompaniment, as well as a little overview of triads played as 3 or 4 string reductions from our common barre chords families. There is also a somewhat advanced explanation of breaking the usual constant strumming motion and accenting down strokes on on what are usually upstrokes.

  • Lesson 2: As Tears Go By - Rolling Stones - Guitar Lesson

    This acoustic ballad by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards is really just a simple arpeggio accompaniment to a lilting melody, although the addition of strings thickens it up a bit. The song was played on a 12-string guitar and this lesson is presented in the ‘Work It Out’ style encouraging you to figure it out by ear first.

  • Lesson 3: The Last Time - Rolling Stones - Guitar Lesson

    The Last Time is a 3-chord classic from the Rolling Stones’ early days. It was released as a single in 1965 and became their third #1 hit. The rhythm guitar part uses only E, D, and A chords and a great blues riff played by Brian Jones complements it. The lesson includes a look at Keith Richards short solo licks as well as a way to combine the guitar parts into a solo accompaniment.

  • Lesson 4: Play With Fire - Rolling Stones - Guitar Lesson

    In the early days The Rolling Stones were primarily a blues band. By 1965 they started branching out into ballads and other styles and Play With Fire is a good example of this growth. The song only uses a few chords and somewhat random picking to create an intimate, moody song. The lesson is presented as an ear-training exercise so listen and watch before printing out the attachments.

  • Lesson 5: Bitch - The Rolling Stones - Guitar Lesson

    From the album Sticky Fingers comes one of the Rolling Stone’s most played songs, both live and on the radio.

    This is your chance to dive into Bitch and get the most out of a groove and rhythm oriented classic rock masterpiece.

    Keith Richards’ guitar playing, although seemingly simple is actually sophisticated from the viewpoint of songwriting.

    After this lesson is through, you’ll have all the makings and chops to play this classic hit.