Beatles Remastered Volume 8 Acoustic Guitar 5 Pack

Beatles Remastered Volume 8 Acoustic Guitar 5 Pack

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Beatles Remastered Volume 8 looks at some early tunes, starting with George Harrison's songwriting debut, Don't Bother Me. Also included are the jangly And Your Bird Can Sing, the bouncy I'm Happy Just To Dance With You, John's melancholy Nowhere Man, and Paul's feel good break up song You Won't See Me.


  • Lesson 1: And Your Bird Can Sing - The Beatles - Guitar Lesson

    This tune is perhaps one of the most complex of any that the Beatles had written…at least as far as the guitar is concerned. With dueling lead melodies that harmonize with each other, it’s a guitar player’s dream to master this song.

    Surprisingly technical and difficult licks are found throughout the song, from the intro to the bridge as well as the interlude section. Normally the Beatles don’t display the full scope of their technically proficient playing, but in this song Paul and George lay it all on the table.

    If you have a looper pedal or some simple recording device, you can learn and play both lead lines on top of each other to get the full sound of these harmonies that make up this iconic tune.

  • Lesson 2: Don’t Bother Me - The Beatles - Guitar Lesson

    This song marks the first solo songwriting effort by George Harrison, and as you would expect, it’s full of tasty guitar licks. With a haunting minor chord harmony and the surf-style guitar tone, he conjures up a sound that is unlike most other Beatles songs.

    Using a guitar riff based on octaves during the verse and suddenly transitioning into these long, rung-out chords, he captures a bouncy yet somewhat dark songwriting style that is very unique.

    There is also an 8 bar solo that runs that gamut of George’s guitar playing expertise. These licks are colorful and extremely fun to play, while still being very user friendly and within the common pentatonic box we guitarists love.

  • Lesson 3: I’m Happy Just To Dance With You - The Beatles - Guitar Lesson

    The Beatles’ 1965 album, A Hard Day’s Night, included I’m Happy Just To Dance With You, a tune Lennon and McCartney wrote for George Harrison to sing.

    It probably seemed like a throw-away to them but there are some serious challenges for the intermediate guitar student who wants to play along with the boys in this one.

    It uses a bunch of barre chords and features some very fast, double time, syncopated strumming. This lesson breaks it all down and includes a slowed down play through that should make it somewhat approachable.

  • Lesson 4: Nowhere Man - The Beatles - Guitar Lesson

    In 1965, The Beatles were working on Rubber Soul and John was having a bit of a writer’s block. After a few hours, he started feeling like a Nowhere Man in a Nowhere Land, and the block was vanquished.

    The song is a simple strumming one in the Key of E, which does mean quite a few barre chords.

    The lesson looks at incorporating the short solo into the strumming, as well as transposing it to the Key of D, where there are less barre chords, and none from the ‘A’ family like we need for B in the Key of E.

  • Lesson 5: You Won't See Me

    The Beatles album Rubber Soul was released in late 1965 and showed that they had entered a more sophisticated stage of songwriting. You Won't See Me was one of a couple 'break up' songs that Paul wrote about his relationship with Jane Asher. The song has just two parts, a 16-bar verse and an 8-bar chorus, and follows a regular formula of theirs as far as the arrangement. It starts off with a very cool bass hook that is also used at the end of each verse.

    This lesson goes over the chord progression and a basic strumming pattern, almost country in feel, and also goes into George's backbeat accompaniment using 3-string chords up the neck.