Beatles Remastered Volume 7 Acoustic Guitar 5 Pack

Beatles Remastered Volume 7 Acoustic Guitar 5 Pack

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Beatles Remastered Volume 7 include some of their biggest rockers, starting with Back In The USSR and Helter Skelter from The White Album, a couple from Let It Be, Dig A Pony and Don't Let Me Down, and the underrated but kicking Hey Bulldog. All of these acoustic  lessons were done by our resident electric master Max Rich.


  • Lesson 1: Back In The USSR - The Beatles - Guitar Lesson

    This Cold War era Beatles song is one for the ages. It contains various blues based riffs and chord progressions that will feel right at home for many guitarists, but it also has some very unique lead guitar licks.

    In this lesson, you’ll get the full scoop on all the riffs, chords and licks needed to play this classic tune, but not only that, you’ll also get some great insight on how to include these ideas in your own songwriting and improvisations.

  • Lesson 2: Dig A Pony - The Beatles - Guitar Lesson

    This Beatles song starts with a pretty awesome pentatonic lick that will help you work on your stretching in your fretting hand, while simultaneously keeping your rhythm on point.

    In ¾ time signature it requires a different feel than a standard 4/4 song (very common to the Beatles).

    Following that intro riff come a series of chords using a similar rhythmic pattern that are overdubbed by with some killer country-blues style licks to help keep the momentum moving.

    It winds it’s way into the guitar solo which is chock full of great 60s style blues licks with a rapid and accelerated ending to help cap it all off.

    All in all, if you’re looking for a Beatles song with versatility and some licks that will challenge you, then this is your song!

  • Lesson 3: Don't Let Me Down - The Beatles - Guitar Lesson

    This awesome Beatles tune is like a master class in playing double stops. In the guitar friendly key of E major, utilizing the C#m pentatonic box comes very naturally to most players.

    By understanding how these simple scales can be combined to form little melodies made up of two or more notes at a time will drastically improve your playing and take you from a single-note solo player to being able to harmonize with yourself and launch your playing to the next level!

  • Lesson 4: Helter Skelter - The Beatles - Guitar Lesson

    This may be the very first heavy metal and/or punk rock song ever written. At a time when distortion was more of an accident than a desired tone, and when stomp boxes were barely in existence, the Beatles managed to craft an unbelievably aggressive sound in this epic hit.

    By learning how they used an overdriving amp to create the cacophony of sound, you’ll get a deeper appreciation for the most common effect we guitarists use today.

    In addition you’ll get the inside scoop on all the dissonant harmonies and tension building chords throughout the song.

    Finally, you’ll learn how to bend and make your guitar wail like George Harrison did during the short but effective lead licks in this song.

  • Lesson 5: Hey Bulldog by The Beatles

    This is one catchy tune! From the heavy opening riff through to the blistering guitar solo, there are parts that will make your head bob and your fingers dance around the fretboard.

    The guitar is fairly simple during the verse and chorus, but then when the solo kicks in, it goes into high gear. With a series of rapid 16th notes followed by some sliding double stops, it will cause you to exercise some techniques you might not know you have!