Neil Young Volume 7 Acoustic Guitar 5 Pack

Neil Young Volume 7 Acoustic Guitar 5 Pack

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This set of Neil Young lessons digs deep into his first solo album with Here We Are In The Years and The Old Laughing Lady, (which is done on Double Dropped D Tuning). It also includes Country Girl, which first appeared on CSNY’s Déjà Vu but was occasionally performed solo by Neil. The CSNY version was really a medley of some earlier songs of his, Whiskey Boot Hill and Down, Down, Down.

It is rounded out with selections from After The Goldrush (lesson from Vanessa) and Harvest (Out On The Weekend).


  • Lesson 1: Here We Are In The Years

    Here We Are In The Years is from Neil Young's first solo album, released in 1969 just after he left The Buffalo Springfield. The songs are quite different with lush arrangements and accompaniments.

    The song has four different sections, none of which could really be considered a verse as they never return. It is more of a mini-suite of tunes connected by a couple instrumental interludes, both of which transfer fairly easily to solo guitar. There are a lot of different chords and unusual changes but this is a very fun song to play.

  • Lesson 2: The Old Laughing Lady

    Neil Young's first solo album was quite a departure from his Buffalo Springfield sound. Many of the songs had lush arrangements and complex interludes. The Old Laughing Lady is played in Double Dropped D Tuning, features a very basic set of chords for the verses with connecting interludes that are different every performance. This lesson goes into the three from the studio recording in great detail and include some tips on solo improvising as well.

  • Lesson 3: Country Girl - CSNY - Deja Vu

    Neil Young left the Buffalo Springfield in 1968 and released his first solo album in 1969. He had dozens of songs he was performing regularly, generally at solo acoustic guitar shows. He joined Crosby, Stills & Nash for their 1970 album Deja Vu bringing many of these songs.

    The band added their magic to Country Girl, a medley consisting of Neil's tunes Whiskey Boot Hill, Down, Down, Down and added a short closing section which became the title.

    This lesson looks at how he performed it solo during the 4-Way Street tour at the time. The chords are an interesting combination of progressions used in many of his songs, some just 3 strings moving up the neck.

  • Lesson 4: After The Gold Rush - Neil Young - Guitar Lesson

    After The Gold Rush is a song, written, composed, and performed by Neil Young and is the title song from his third solo album, released in 1970.

    The original is done on a piano and is easy to transcribe to the guitar, since it’s just an accompaniment for vocals.

    The lesson covers the song in the key of D, like the original, but also discusses other keys in which it can be played. Neil himself has performed it very often in the key of C and in recent years even in the key of A, while playing it on the guitar.

    A very doable chord solo arrangement is included, but one needs to be familiar with Travis style picking patterns.

  • Lesson 5: Out On The Weekend - Neil Young - Guitar Lesson

    Out On The Weekend is the opening track from Neil Young’s 1972 album Harvest. It starts with one of his signature sounds, muted bass notes followed by focused picking on the higher strings, much like the acoustic Cowgirl In The Sand.

    In order to play it exactly like Neil, it would be necessary to wrap your left thumb over onto the sixth and fifth strings. The lesson covers alternate ways to do this as most players will find this very difficult, if not impossible.

    There are some interesting chords up the neck in the chorus but other than that the song is pretty straightforward.