Neil Young Volume 8 Acoustic Guitar 5 Pack

Neil Young Volume 8 Acoustic Guitar 5 Pack

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Volume 8 of our Neil Young song/lessons goes way back to his Buffalo Springfield days. All of these are great songs for solo guitar players as Neil continued to perform most of these for many, many years. Included are Broken Arrow and Flying On The Ground Is Wrong, as well as Vanessa’s lessons on Burned, Expecting To Fly and Out Of My Mind.


  • Lesson 1: Burned

    Burned is a song written by Neil Young, and recorded with the Canadian-American band Buffalo Springfield. It appears on their debut album ‘Buffalo Springfield', released in 1966. Neil himself released it on his album ‘Decade’ (1973), as well as ‘Neil Young Archives Vol. 1 1963-1972 (2009)

    This lesson teaches the chords in the key of C, the strumming, the progression, and even the little bass riff at the end of the 2nd, and final chorus.

    There is also a segment that shows how to play it in the key of G, which might fit male vocalists a little better.



  • Lesson 2: Flying On The Ground Is Wrong

    Neil Young joined the Buffalo Springfield in 1966 with a big backlog of songs he had been writing over the previous few years. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong was originally recorded with Richie Furay taking the lead vocal (supposedly a sweeter voice???). Neil Young continued to perform it live for many years and this lesson looks mainly at the way his demo was done. The live version from The Riverboat in 1969 is very similar.

    The song uses many different chords and is best done with double time strumming.

  • Lesson 3: Broken Arrow - Neil Young - Guitar Lesson

    Broken Arrow is a great example of a style that Neil Young uses frequently – changing time signatures and chords from a few different keys. The first release of Broken Arrow was on the second album by the Buffalo Springfield – Again.

    The band disbanded in 1968 and Neil Young started on his illustrious solo career. This lesson is based on the arrangement from his album Sugar Mountain: Live At The Canterbury House 1968. It goes over the chord progression with particular attention paid to the timing changes.

  • Lesson 4: Expecting To Fly - Neil Young - Guitar Lesson

    Expecting To Fly is a song written by Neil Young and performed by Buffalo Springfield. It appeared on their 1967 album, ‘Buffalo Springfield Again’.

    The song is another great example of a style that Neil Young uses frequently, changing time signatures and using chords from a few different keys.

    The lesson takes a look at how Neil Young played it after the band broke up, which he has done on both the guitar as well as the piano.

    It features fairly easy chords and strumming, a few embellishments and of course changes in time signatures, which might be challenging.

    The lesson is presented in the key of D, although Neil tunes all the strings of his guitar a whole step down, putting it in the absolute key of C. It also takes a look at how to play it in the key of A, capoed on the 3rd fret.

  • Lesson 5: Out of My Mind by Neil Young - Guitar Lesson

    Out Of My Mind is a song written and performed by Neil Young. It was originally recorded by Buffalo Springfield (1966), when he was a member of the band, and appeared on their debut album ‘Buffalo Springfield.’

    This is one of many little pearls in Young’s amazing repertoire and he has performed the song throughout most of his career on either piano or guitar. This lesson is based on his 1968 Canterbury House concert, in which he performs it stripped down, all by himself.

    We take a look at the chords in the key of A, which includes two barre chords, making it somewhat more difficult than it might appear. The strumming is done in double time and like the progression, is relatively easy.

    The lesson includes an additional segment that teaches the arrangement in the key of G, for the those students who find the barre chords a too challenging for now. This key should be doable for all guitar players and works really well for males who’d like to sing the song a bit lower.