Neil Young Remastered Volume 3 Acoustic Guitar 5-Pack

Neil Young Remastered Volume 3 Acoustic Guitar 5-Pack

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Neil Young has been one of the most prolific and eclectic songwriters and musicians of the last half decade. His songs have inspired generations of aspiring guitar players in a way unmatched by most contemporaries. His songs are very accessible to beginning and intermediate students.

Volume 3 takes us back into Neil Young’s early days, with songs from his Buffalo Springfield albums. These vintage tunes are all still performed at some of his concerts today. Lesson include I Am A Child, Mr. Soul, Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing, On The Way Home, and one of his coming of age songs, Sugar Mountain.

These 5 songs are also in Neil Young Acoustic 10-Pack Volume 2.


  • Lesson 1: I Am A Child - Guitar Lesson

    I Am A Child was one of Neil Young’s contributions to the Buffalo Springfield’s last album, Last Time Around, and one he still performs live in acoustic sets today. This lesson goes over the basic strumming patterns and the types of picking embellishments that he uses in most of his songs.

  • Lesson 2: Mr. Soul - Guitar Lesson

    Mr. Soul is a Neil Young song that has gone through many incarnations, not unusual for his songs. It started out as a rockin’ hit for The Buffalo Springfield in 1968 and later appeared as a darker acoustic tune on Neil’s Unplugged album. This lesson covers playing the song in three different tunings, Standard, Dropped D, and Double Dropped D, as well as a bit on improvising in different modes.

  • Lesson 3: Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing - Guitar Lesson

    Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing is one of Neil Young’s earliest songs and was the first single for The Buffalo Springfield, released on their 1966 album. Their version was a typical band effort so this lesson is based more on how Neil plays it solo, particularly as found on his Live At The Canterbury House CD. It is mostly easy chords and the challenge in the song is making a smooth transition when it changes time signatures, alternating between parts in 4/4 time and 3/4 time.

  • Lesson 4: On The Way Home - Guitar Lesson

    On The Way Home is one of Neil Young’s most popular (and most requested here at TG) songs. It is from his early days, pre-dating the Buffalo Springfield, and still remains on his concert set lists to this day. This lesson looks at the way he typically plays it acoustically, in the key of D. We also talk about transposing it down to the key of C.

  • Lesson 5: Sugar Mountain - Guitar Lesson

    Sugar Mountain is one of Neil Young’s earliest songs, and a fairly basic strumming song at that. This lesson goes over a few different ways of fingering the chords, a little theory on chord additions, and some ideas on embellishing the song with the typical hammer-ons that he uses in many of his songs.