Crème De La Clapton Electric Guitar 8-Pack

Crème De La Clapton Electric Guitar 8-Pack

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This is the digital version of our popular DVD set, Crème De La Clapton.

There are few guitarists in the same class as the great Eric Clapton, and certainly none who have dominated the guitar scene for as long as he has.  

Nicknamed Slowhand, Clapton is a master of phrasing, simplicity, rhythm and melody…a player who can make his guitar scream and cry.

He achieves all of this raw emotion and feeling in his playing without the use of crazy techniques or tricks, but rather approaches the instrument like a vocalist would.

Each note he plays matters and each phrase sings, whether the opening riff to Layla, or the melody from Wonderful Tonight. With Crème De La Clapton, you’ll get an inside look at the riffs, licks and solos of some of his greatest hits.

This collection goes in depth into the scales and shapes he uses when soloing, as well as the way he approaches melody and phrasing, all designed to make any player, novice or advanced, a master in the art of Slowhand.


  • Lesson 1: After Midnight - Electric Guitar Lesson

    Up-tempo, rhythmic and funky, this Clapton tune has just about all the ingredients for a killer guitar cocktail. With just a few riffs to master and some tasty lead licks, this lesson is sure to get you on the track to blues-rock stardom!

  • Lesson 2: Lay Down Sally - Electric Guitar Lesson

    Here is a great chance to learn about layering guitar parts. This Clapton song is a country-blues example of a solid foundation being played under some really sweet overdubbed guitar riffs. Learn all the licks and tricks of Lay Down Sally in this in-depth lesson.

  • Lesson 3: Crossroads - Eric Clapton - Electric Guitar Lesson

    Virtually every blues guitar player has played this traditional hit since Robert Johnson wrote it around 1936.

    Here in this lesson, you’ll begin to understand how to play the main riffs of the song, as well as how to solo in the style of the great Eric Clapton.

    By breaking down the riffs that form the iconic bouncing feel of this country blues song, you’ll get a deeper understanding of the techniques and phrasing that helped shape modern blues-rock.

    By using string skipping, bending and double stops, Clapton is able to mimic the country players he idolized.

    Of course there are also your standard power chord blues riffs that make this track even more accessible to players of nearly every skill level.

  • Lesson 4: Wonderful Tonight - Electric Guitar Lesson

    One of his most hauntingly beautiful songs, Wonderful Tonight is a showcase of Clapton’s ability to make incredible music with only a few notes.

    The arpeggios underlying the melody are simplistic but well crafted and more intricate than they may seem.

    The guitar melody, though, is where all the magic is. Simple to learn, but difficult to master, this melody is a prime example of Slowhand at work.

    Learn to play this melody with gritty emotion and sorrowful feel and your solos and lead playing will begin to take on a whole new life of there own!

  • Lesson 5: Cocaine

    Eric Clapton has performed numerous covers over the years, but a select few stand out among the rest…Cocaine is one of them. This song is built around a catchy power chord riff in E and then glides into a searing Clapton solo. With this lesson you’ll get all the tips and tricks to play the riffs and leads of this epic classic rock track!

  • Lesson 6: Layla - Electric Guitar Lesson

    Perhaps Clapton’s most famous song, and certainly one that every guitarist should be able to play.

    The main riff that drives the song is repeated in three different octaves, so you’ll get a fluid understanding of how he views the fretboard and his use of overdubs as a studio guitarist.

    The opeing solo will be taught in detail so you can emulate the bends and slurs that give it the character and attitude that make the song what it is.

    And last but not least, the chords progression for the verse takes you through a harmonic tour of chords that seem to change keys regularly, but in fact can be played over using a simple blues scale.

    There is a lot of music in this lesson so bring your chops and get ready to rip!

  • Lesson 7: Outside Woman Blues - Electric Guitar Lesson

    Here we have a fine example of Eric Clapton’s precise blend of blues and rock. A real pioneer of the electric guitar, Clapton has managed to continuously conjure up soulful melodies and tasty licks. Here’s your chance to learn some of his techniques and apply them to your own playing.

  • Lesson 8: I Shot The Sheriff - Electric Guitar Lesson

    Clapton’s version of this reggae classic is an homage to the great Bob Marley. Countless people have covered this tune, but few have done it as much justice as Eric Clapton. In this lesson you’ll learn the riffs and licks that made this version stand out above the rest.