Jazz Standards Volume 3 Acoustic Guitar 5 Pack

Jazz Standards Volume 3 Acoustic Guitar 5 Pack

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This set of lessons, done by Max Rich, covers quite a range of Jazz Standards from soft ballads to bebop. Max’s arrangements include chord melody style solos as well as working with scales to improvise over progressions, some bluesy and some a little more out there.


  • Lesson 1: Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Jazz Arrangement - Guitar Lesson

    This solo guitar arrangement of the classic song was written by Brazilian guitar legend Laurindo Almeida.

    In this lesson you’ll learn how to play a jazzy and soulful rendition of the song while simultaneously challenging you in multiple areas of your playing.

    From quick melodic passages, to complex chord shapes and fingerpicking patterns, this lesson has something for every player!

  • Lesson 2: Misty, Jazz Solo Arrangement - Guitar Lesson

    Misty is a hugely popular jazz standard that can teach you a lot about many aspects of playing.

    In this lesson in particular, you’ll be playing a simplifies solo jazz guitar arrangement that incorporates the chords and the melody to give you the full effect of this epic jazz masterpiece.

  • Lesson 3: Au Privave - Jazz Guitar Lesson

    This one is for the bebop jazz fans out there. If you want to really step up you game in the jazz world, there is nothing better than learning Charlie Parker songs. This one, believe it or not, is one of his easier tunes to learn, although it’s still plenty challenging.

    This lesson will take you through the harmony and help you analyze what seem to be random chord changes and begin to see them in a more digestible context.

    You will also learn the melody note for note and by the end you’ll be jazzing up some bebop a la Charlie Parker.

  • Lesson 4: Take Five - Jazz Standard Guitar Lesson

    Perhaps one of jazz’s most infamous and recognizable songs, Dave Brubeck made this tune famous over 50 years ago. With an incredibly catchy rhythm and memorable melody, this song is a fantastic way to be introduced to playing in odd time signatures.

    Unlike your standard 4/4 time, this song has 5 beats per measure, which may seem tricky at first but by the end of this lesson you’ll be grooving away with ease.

  • Lesson 5: Mr. PC by John Coltrane - Jazz Standard Guitar Lesson

    John Coltrane’s homage to bassist Paul Chambers is a grooving break-neck tempo jazz blues.

    Originally written in 1959 and found on the album Giant Steps, this minor blues works wonders for the intermediate player who wants to begin the foray into the world of jazz. For those out there who are familiar with the blues, but lack the confidence or theory to feel comfortable playing jazz lines, have no fear!

    This song is rife with opportunity to shred some licks over a bluesy canvas, all while using and slightly altering your standard blues guitar patterns. With this lesson you’ll uncover not just the chords and the head, but also how to spice up your own playing with walking bass lines.