Doors Acoustic Guitar Bonus Pack

Doors Acoustic Guitar Bonus Pack

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As much fun as Doors tunes are to play on the electric guitar, they also translate well to the acoustic guitar. This set of lessons includes Neil’s personal favorites, along with Neil’s bonus lesson on Jose Feliciano’s take on Light My Fire.

Songs included are Love Her Madly, People Are Strange and Love Street from Neil and Light My Fire and Hello, I Love You from Max Rich.


  • Lesson 1: Love Her Madly - Guitar Lesson

    Love Her Madly is a great strumming tune from The Doors’ 1971 album L.A. Woman. This lesson goes over the chords and strumming patterns, incorporating some of the bass lines, a breakdown of an arpeggio played over a D7 chord, and includes hints on learning the keyboard and guitar solos.

  • Lesson 2: People Are Strange - Guitar Lesson

    People Are Strange is from The Doors’ album Strange Days and features a catchy little arpeggio picking over a very simple chord progression. The keyboards of Ray Manzarek are really what gave this song its groove. This lesson goes over the chord progression as well as the specific picking that Robbie Krieger did in the first verse.

  • Lesson 3: Love Street

    Jim Morrison penned the lyrics to *Love Street*watching hippies go by his house in Laurel Canyon in 1967. Guitarist Robby Krieger came up with a fascinating chord progression and melody that cycles through multiple keys. This guitar lesson includes a simple strumming accompaniment as well as an alternating fingerpicking one that is more like what Robby played. It is also quite a workout as it is best to play almost all the chords as barre chords. Love Street was released in 1968 on the Doors third album Waiting For The Sun.

  • Lesson 4: Hello, I Love You by The Doors - Guitar Lesson

    This Doors song is a perfect way for players to practice not only playing octaves but also sliding techniques and playing melodies on one string.

    The guitar part of this song relies very heavily on an organ-like technique that causes us guitarists to have to slide around the low strings from fret to fret.

    In this lesson you’ll learn the techniques and tricks behind this movement and how you can easily apply it in your playing.

  • Lesson 5: Light My Fire - The Doors - Guitar Lesson

    One of the most famous hits by The Doors, Light my Fire is a guitar jammer’s delight.

    It uses fairly standard chord shapes that all players need to know, but it opens into a solo section that is ripe for some tasty licks.

    In this lesson you’ll find all the riffs and tricks you’ll need to sound like Robbie Krieger.

  • Lesson 6: Light My Fire - José Feliciano - Guitar Lesson

    In 1968, the young Puerto Rican musician José Feliciano put out his arrangement of Light My Fire, a song Doors had just released a year before, and it put him on the musical map permanently.

    His combination of Latin Jazz, Flamenco, Classical, Blues, and soulful singing grabbed music lovers across the country.

    This lesson goes into his percussive accompaniment, the jazzy chord shapes, his iconic introduction with a flashy lead lick, and even touches on the syncopated outro a bit.