Doors Electric Guitar Bonus Pack

Doors Electric Guitar Bonus Pack

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The Doors ruled the airwaves in the late 1960s with their innovative sound, brilliant team songwriting, and the crazed poetry and vocals of Jim Morrison. Their songs include great guitar riffs and grooves.

This set of lessons, all done by Max Rich, is geared toward the electric
guitar and includes three bonus acoustic versions as well.


  • Lesson 1: Light My Fire - Electric Guitar Lesson

    Light My Fire is possibly The Door's most recognizable song, first released on their 1967 debut self titled album. This song is very groove oriented in the sense that it only alternates between two chords, relying on the space between the notes to give it a heavy shuffle. You'll have to be able to play solidly in the pocket and be able to keep track of the downbeat the whole time to play this one solidly. It starts out with smaller arpeggio shapes that create a blend of sound between the guitars and the organ player that are great practice for playing with musicality. As far as the solo goes, there's a lot of single string licks and repetitive ideas that rely on emotive playing, and then some great slurred triplet lines to get your fingers moving.

  • Lesson 2: Love Me Two Times - Electric Guitar Lesson

    Love Me Two Times is a popular single from The Doors, released on their 1967 album "Strange Days". This one is particularly cool cool because the majority of the riff is played as a pick up to the downbeat, which is played on a low open string with your thumb. This one has a bouncy feeling to it since you have to change strings a lot. Since Krieger would play with his fingers, he would play two notes on two strings at once which contributed to the bouncy feel which stood out, since a pick player could only play one string at a time.

  • Lesson 3: Break On Through - Electric Guitar Lesson

    Break On Through (To the Other Side) is one of The Doors staples tunes from their debut self titled album in 1966. Robby Krieger mostly used his fingers to play the guitar instead of a pick. Because of this, he incorporated string skipping into his playing more than most other players at the time. The riffs are fairly simple to play since they're based around pentatonic patterns, power chords, and open chords, none of which are very difficult. Robby would play power chords on the upper strings and then play the bass notes with his thumb to cover the entire sound spectrum which would normally be very difficult to do with a pick but is easy with your fingers.

  • Lesson 4: Soul Kitchen - Electric Guitar Lesson

    Soul Kitchen is a great song from The Door's self titled debut album, released in 1967. This song starts with a long introduction with a lot of note bending. It employs a common technique where you bend a note, but when you release it, you pull off to a note lower on the neck. It also uses a relatively uncommon dominant chord shape for the "A dominant sharp 9" chord. This is followed by double stopped sixteenth note slurs. It later incorporates a lot of string skipping and even some double stop bending, which is fairly difficult for the novice player and provides for a great practice opportunity to improve your chops.

  • Lesson 5: Twentieth Century Fox - Electric Guitar Lesson

    Twentieth Century Fox is from The Door's 1967 debut self titled album. It has a rolling rhythm underneath the melody, which basically repeats itself with slight variations each time, mostly revolving around the pentatonic c scale. The major chords used in this song shift around the neck in different positions to make both low and high string chords. There are a lot of arpeggiated chords as well, meaning you play up and down the chord shape in individual notes. There's nothing too complicated or difficult to learn in this one, so lets get going!

  • Lesson 6: Break On Through - The Doors - Guitar Lesson

    This song is by far one of the most iconic rock songs of the 60s. The Doors are essential for any classic rock fan, and as guitarists, who doesn’t want to know how to play the riffs to this song?

    This lesson covers the notes, rhythms and chords that you’ll need to get this classic hit under your fingers!

  • Lesson 7: Soul Kitchen - Acoustic Guitar Lesson

    This organ-driven Doors classic starts out with a string bending finger-style solo and rolls into an awesome blues based riff.

    Learn all the parts to this great classic rock hit as well as how to apply concepts and ideas from this tune into your own playing.

  • Lesson 8: Twentieth Century Fox - The Doors - Guitar Lesson

    Do you want to learn how to play some awesome classic rock? Do you want to learn to do it finger-style? If so, this lesson is for you!

    Learn the ins and outs of this great Doors track and Robby Krieger’s signature style.

    From the blues-y opening riff through the chorus and the solo, we’ve got all the licks and tricks to cover, so let’s get started!