2000s Songs Package

2000s Songs Package

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This new lessons package includes songs from the 2000's


  • Lesson 1: Same Mistake

  • Lesson 2: I'm Yours - Jason Mraz

    In this lesson Neil goes over the strumming patterns and chords to this catchy song by Jason Mraz. This version is based on early recordings in the key of A, before Jason started using a capo, raising it to the key of B.

  • Lesson 3: Why Georgia

    After our flurry of intermediate level songs, we end this week with John Mayer's Why Georgia. This song uses very elaborate, percussive picking, as well as a somewhat difficult filler lick over a relatively uncomfortable and unusual chord, and that's just the first 2 measures. The rest of the song gets easier, a little, but don't let that scare you off!

  • Lesson 4: Where Are You Going - Guitar Lesson

    Another great strumming song from Dave Matthews, *Where Are You Going* appeared on the Dave Matthews Band album Busted Stuff in 2002. It uses some of his typical extended chords, ones with notes outside the normal major, minor and seventh combinations, is strummed with a basic pattern hitting bass notes on beat one. The lesson presents the chords in tab and generally addresses the strumming without getting too specific.

  • Lesson 5: Just Breathe Guitar Lesson - Pearl Jam

    Really a solo guitar song by Eddie Vedder, Just Breathe is a fingerpicking tune much like Dust In The Wind or Blackbird. One of the similarities is that the picking is easy but very fast. This was released in October 2009 on the Pearl Jam album Backspacer.

  • Lesson 6: Beg Steal Or Borrow Guitar Lesson - Ray LaMontagne

    As we enter 2011 we are bringing you a song that is just a few months old- Beg Steal Or Borrow by Ray LaMontagne. Ray recently hit the scene with a throwback sound and look, along with some great songs. Beg Steal Or Borrow is pretty much a folky Campfire song that just uses a steady strumming pattern over mostly open chords. The song has been nominated for a Grammy Award in the US for last year.

  • Lesson 7: I Should Have Known It Guitar Lesson - Tom Petty

    Today's TARGET Lesson has an interesting history. Neil was very surprised and impressed with this recent Tom Petty song, I Should Have Known It, and also ran across a teaching competition going on at Ovation Guitars. He put together a short lesson on the song and entered the contest with it. For some unknown reason Ovation chose not to publish the entry so we are bringing it out for our members. Neil's lesson combines a couple of guitar parts into one that is done in a G6 tuning, lowering the 5th and 6th strings 1 step. It is a great example of a solid riff-based tune framed in a modified 12-bar blues format.

  • Lesson 8: Hey, Soul Sister - Train

    With the lesson on Hey, Soul Sister, we step pretty far into the recent past, maybe even into the current music scene. Lead singer Pat Monahan said they were trying to write something in the style of INXS but as it evolved he was not happy with the sound. Maybe it was because it followed the classic 'Pachelbel Progression', I-V-vi-IV, also found in songs like Let It Be, With Or Without You, and Jason Mraz's I'm Yours, to mention a few of the thousands in this category. In any case, once band mate Espen Lind strummed it on the ukulele, he was convinced that they had found the right recipe. In this lesson we look at chord voicings that sound more like the ukulele.

  • Lesson 9: Drive

  • Lesson 10: Do You Love Me

    Guster has been putting out some catchy tunes over the last decade, most of which could be considered Campfire Songs and feature acoustic guitars using simple strumming patterns. Their 2010 album Easy Wonderful included *Do You Love Me*, a great example of their up-beat pop sound. This lesson is done in a ‘Work It Out’ format, where the first few video segments focus on ear training and figuring out the chord progression yourself. If you decide to try this approach, I recommend not looking at the chart until you have gone through ear training segments. The entire song is taught completely and in the usual manner in the last segment.