Beatles Electric Guitar Lesson Pack

Beatles Electric Guitar Lesson Pack

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Unquestionably the most influential band in the history of modern music, The Beatles changed the rules, the game, and the direction of Rock & Roll in less than a decade. Incredible songwriting, creativity, musicianship, and even compelling personalities came together like a cosmic confluence to alter our lives forever.

This set of lessons, masterfully crafted by Max Rich details five of their most recognizable tunes. We have classic riffs like Day Tripper and I Feel Fine, the heavy blues of Come Together, a Rock & Roll turning point in I Saw Her Standing There, and, of course, the most iconic opening chord in history in A Hard Days Night.


  • Lesson 1: A Hard Days Night

    A Hard Day's Night is the self titled song from The Beatle's third studio album released in 1964. This song opens with a really cool suspended chord that's almost impossible to play on one guitar. The recording actually uses two guitars, but I'll show you a way to get around it and make it work on one. From there it picks up into the iconic 60's guitar style of playing, with very bouncy open chords with incorporated common notes to make some interesting suspended and add9 chords. The bridge in particular is interesting because it shifts to a minor key which really changes the mood from the uplifting groove from before. The lick that George Harrison plays in the interlude is really cool and uses an ostinato pattern that has interesting phrasing that I'll show you how to get under your fingers.

  • Lesson 2: Come Together

    Come Together is the opening song from Beatles 1969 album "Abbey Road" which was very well received in the US and UK, reaching the top of both music charts. This has always been one of my all time favorite Beatles songs. I actually spent a lot of time in college arranging Beatles songs for solo acoustic guitar and come together was one of my favorites. All of the parts are uniquely laid together. The drums are very rolling and tom-oriented and the bass is very fat and round, which leaves the guitar up to play riffs which is unusual for Beatles considering they played chords most of the time. This song also incorporates one of the most standard blues riffs where you jump back and forth between a power chord and a major sixth interval. The solo is a perfect example of how phrasing, bending and the use of few notes placed correctly can create a unique and powerful sound..

  • Lesson 3: Day Tripper

    We all know this classic Beatles track, but us guitar players can pick it out with just the first few notes. Such an iconic guitar riff starts this song off and leads into chord –driven chorus and a couple of tasty lead licks. Come and learn the guitar secrets behind one of the most famous Beatles songs ever!

  • Lesson 4: I Feel Fine

    Are you ready to work on your octaves? I sure hope so, because this Beatles track is loaded with them. From the opening riff through to the chorus and even including a little lead part, this lesson will go in depth into I Feel Fine and show you the riffs and licks you need to sound like you belong in Beatles!

  • Lesson 5: I Saw Her Standing There

    I Saw Her Standing There is a billboard chart topper released by Beatles on their 1963 album "Please Please Me". This one has a unique timbre because it incorporates sort of a dominant sound in the introduction, using pentatonic licks to fill in the space between chord hits. It's mostly split between two guitar parts. One plays a rhythmic role, holding it down with broken up low notes and chord hits that mimic a bass and piano player. The other guitar part has a repetitive riff that creates movement in the background for the vocal melody to ring out over.