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Ben Harper Package

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Ben Harper is a Southern California kid who grew up with a great appreciation of some traditional American styles, including blues and folk, which even led to developing skills on the Weissenborn acoustic lap steel guitar. He started recording in his early 20s after starting his career touring with Taj Mahal. He has recorded over a dozen albums as of now and his songs are fun and somewhat challenging for students to play. This set of lessons includes Amen Omen, Burn One Down, Diamonds On The Inside, Forever, and Two Hands Of A Prayer.


  • Lesson 1: Forever by Ben Harper - Guitar Lesson

    This Ben Harper tune is a great song for learning the basic idea behind chord melodies.

    By using simple chord positions you can create not only different harmonic structures but also embellish them with small melodies.

    In this lesson you’ll get the inside scoop not only on how to play this song note for note, but also how to utilize some awesome songwriting ideas!

  • Lesson 2: Amen Omen by Ben Harper - Guitar Lesson

    Like all of Ben Harper’s songs, this one is just as soulful and musically fulfilling as any other you’ll encounter.

    Simple enough to play with just a basic knowledge of chords, this lesson will teach you not only the exact way to play this song, but also show you some great ways of taking your existing chord knowledge and expanding it to make you a more well rounded player.

  • Lesson 3: Diamonds on the Inside - Ben Harper - Guitar Lesson

    This Ben Harper song is one that is accessible for almost any player. Like most of his songs, he incorporates simple chords with syncopated rhythms, giving the illusion of complexity while maintaining a solid harmony… the hallmark of great songwriting.

    Where this song really goes into high gear, is the solo. Originally played on electric, but adapted for acoustic for this lesson, you’ll get all the licks and tricks that make it not only challenging, but extremely fun to play.

    If you’re looking for a feel good song with some technical hurdles to help boost your palette of guitar licks, then look no further, this lesson is for you!

  • Lesson 4: Burn One Down - Ben Harper - Guitar Lesson

    Here we have one of Ben Harper’s acoustic songs that conjure up the sounds of Bob Marley and Jamaican reggae.

    While heavily influenced by reggae, this song still maintains an awesome Ben Harper vibe, one that is accentuated by his use of chords interspersed with little guitar riffs.

    If you’re looking for a feel-good and easy song to learn, you came to the right place!

  • Lesson 5: Two Hands of a Prayer - Ben Harper - Guitar Lesson

    This haunting and almost melancholy song is a prime example of excellent songwriting and an awesome way of embellishing simple chords.

    In this lesson you’ll learn how Ben Harper takes easy chords and spices them up with simplistic but tasteful ornaments that are not only very versatile, but also very easy to learn.