Christmas Sing Along/Instrumentals Package

Christmas Sing Along/Instrumentals Package

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This lessons package includes 15 Christmas lessons. Six are instrumental fingerpicking arrangements and nine are strum/sing along versions.


  • Lesson 1: Silent Night Fingerpicking Solo

    Silent Night is generally played in the key of A Major and this solo arrangement uses that as a starting point to combine the melody with bass notes for the chords into a fairly easy lesson. It is in 3/4 time and uses a bass patter similar to What Child Is This where the 2nd and 3rd bass notes are the same.

  • Lesson 2: Frosty The Snowman Fingerpicking Solo

    The instrumental arrangement of Frosty incorporates the melody into an alternating bass accompaniment to create a bouncy, upbeat toe-tapper. It is also in the key of A Major, like the strumming version, which makes this a good compliment to that one that can be brought in as a solo break when you are singing the campfire version.

  • Lesson 3: Frosty The Snowman

    This is a somewhat country-style arrangement of Frosty, using a strumming pattern with alternating bass notes. It is in the key of A Major, which means a few barre chords are used as well.

  • Lesson 4: Let It Snow

    This arrangement is done in the key of D Major and introduces a few diminished chords, common in many of the pop-holiday songs from this era.

  • Lesson 5: Jingle Bells

    This is about as easy as a strumming song and arrangement can get. It uses a very basic strumming pattern and only 4 or 5 open chords that all beginning guitar students should know. It is played in the key of D Major.

  • Lesson 6: What Child Is This Fingerpicking Solo

    This instrumental arrangement of the old English folk song Greensleeves is very basic and a good song for beginning guitar students. It is in 3/4 time, also known as waltz time, keeps a steady bass pattern, and is in the key of A Minor.

  • Lesson 7: Up On The Housetop Fingerpicking Solo

  • Lesson 8: The Twelve Days Of Christmas

    A fairly complex song in that there are a few different chord progressions to different verses, The Twelve Days Of Christmas is a very fun song to do at Holiday Sing-Alongs. This arrangement is in the key of E Major, good for most vocal ranges but heavy on barre chords and quick changes.

  • Lesson 9: Winter Wonderland Fingerpicking Solo

    This is another John Fahey- inspired arrangement with ragtime leanings using the Travis-style accompaniment to create a fun instrumental. Like the campfire version, it is in the key of C Major and can be used as a solo break in the middle of the vocal version.

  • Lesson 10: Deck The Halls

    This is another very easy song that only uses a few open chords and a simple strumming pattern to accompany a very catchy tune. It has a couple of quick changes, but again, with easy chords.

  • Lesson 11: Here Comes Santa Claus

    This is one of the more challenging Holiday songs in that it uses quite a few barre chords up the neck, and they change pretty quickly. It is done in the key of D Major.

  • Lesson 12: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

    This popular song is done in the key of A Major and includes some moving bass lines through the chord progression, making it a bit more complicated than some of our other Holiday lessons. The strumming pattern is a basic country-style one.

  • Lesson 13: Angels We Have Heard On High Fingerpicking Solo

    This is a ragtime arrangement of a Christmas classic that uses a Travis-style (alternating bass) accompaniment to the syncopated melody, done in a style similar to the way John Fahey played it as part of his Christmas series of albums, in the key of C Major.

  • Lesson 14: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

    This Campfire version (of one of the best-known holiday songs) uses a simple strumming pattern with open chords in the key of G. The lesson also looks at the introduction, which uses one barre chord.

  • Lesson 15: We Wish You A Merry Christmas

    A simple 3/4 strumming pattern is used here, with the chords being in the key of E Major. This means plenty of barre chords, as well as a general explanation of the relationships between the chords in a key.