Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

Don’t Answer Me is a 1984 song by The Alan Parsons Project from the album ‘Ammonia Avenue’. The music video was rendered in comic book style, with art and animation by M.W. Kaluta.

The song is in the key of C, using all the chords, expect for chord VII and with one out of the key, which is also the hardest one to play.

Because the progression is very easy, as well as the strumming, I’ve decided to use this lesson to get more into how to dress up the strumming with a ‘bounce’ as you can also hear in songs like for example Tequila Sunrise and Things We Said Today. There is a segment in which I thoroughly break it down, slow it down and gradually speed it up in order for students to get the hang of it.

The goal is to carry it over into other songs and to incorporate it into your strumming in general to give your playing a driving and rhythmic touch.